The Lab Series

The Lab Series is a series of skincare products dedicated especially to the males, and its Facebook Page is currently carrying out a sampling session for its new products.

A global leader and authority in men’s skincare, Lab Series is solely dedicated to men and their skin’s unique needs. Since 1987, the elite team of doctors, scientists and skincare specialists of the Lab Series Research Center has developed high-performance, technologically advanced skincare, hair and shaving essentials to keep men looking healthy, comfortable, and well-groomed.

Lab Series has packaged everything very nicely to mail it!

Lab Series is really generous with the samples too:)

Redemption link: Click here
Rating: My dad tried this and he says he give it a 4/5 because it feels refreshing and cool after use and basically, he likes it! I agree with him that this made his face less oily…(I wonder if my dad is actually a peanut in disguise).


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