The Faceshop Chia Seed Cleansing Foam

This year I have been having rather bad breakouts which resulted in me spending much more on skincare than usual. At the peak of my breakouts and skin problems in April this year, I decided to try out The Faceshop products after Xin recommended them to me.

The perk was that April is my birthday month and as this is the first time I’m joining Faceshop as a member, I got both birthday package and membership gifts from them which made my purchases doubly worth it, I suppose.


The Faceshop Chia Seed Cleansing Foam

The Chia Seed Cleansing Foam was recommended to me by the retail assistant in the shop, and to be honest my advice is always take the recommendations with like a tablespoonful of salt because you know your skin conditions best. Unless you see a professional dermatologist, of course. Nonetheless I bought this to give it a try, because apparently Chia seed is supposed to help with oil control and I have rather oily skin – very much like a peanut.

The scent of the cleansing is a little cloyingly sweet and smell wise I would definitely prefer something milder like Acnes Medicated, but after a while you will get use to the sweet scent. On the bright side, the sweet smell fades fast after washing, so I don’t have to worry about having a headache from the invasion of the senses.


As you can see from the picture above, they describe it as a “gentle scrub” which I wouldn’t completely agree with. Foremost, for a scrub I usually have the expectation of many microbeads or those tiny little flecks things that cleanse the skin. There is no microbeads in this – thank god, I am not very partial to those tiny beads – but perhaps a few small, barely discernible yellow dots which I cannot figure out what it is. Chia seed grinded down into find powder? I have no idea. Not only so, I don’t think this face wash is as gentle as described since post washing, I feel a certain tautness in my skin that is not uncomfortable, but feels a little dry? Especially if your wash comes near your panda-eye area, those parts would feel particularly dry.

Nonetheless, it does a pretty good job of removing the oil from my skin and usually for many hours after I feel that my skin still feels clear and breathable with no heavy amount of oil spewing out from my pores.

Noticeably, this face wash seems to use coloring in the face wash, note the picture above mentions “Green 3” and “Blue 1” which, unless they are code names for other chemicals, seems like colorant to me. I suppose this is one thing I don’t particularly like about the face wash because coloring the face wash seems utterly redundant since they are going to be washed off in a couple of minutes and the aesthetic appeals of the product – if we even take note at all – seems absolutely trivial. Instead the colorants just gives me a squeamish feeling of having another layer of unnecessary chemicals added to my face. Perhaps for people with sensitive skin types, it will do you good to google the chemical make up of these colorings and avoid using them where you can.


Finally this is what the product looks like. Tadaa. Not particularly surprising – all face wash look more or less like this. The consistency is quite thick and add plenty of water to turn it into a rather thin not-really-there foam. Upon addition of sufficient water, it does spreads on the skin smoothly though so you just have to gently massage your face before rinsing it off.

For the price (probably under $10, can’t really remember), I suppose it is not that bad, since even a normal supermarket Facewash like Eversoft costs around this price. It is pretty value for money, but only if it suits your skin type, and in my case it works normally – not exceptionally outstanding but nothing too abysmal either. I would rate this a 6/10. ^^



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