The Face Shop Chia Seed Hydrating Cream

Product Review

We all know the Singapore weather – hot humid and if you are out under the sun, chances are you will sweat a a bucket. If you are one of unfortunate people with superbly oily skin, chances are that your face will be covered with a shiny sheen of oil fast enough. And if you happen to wear light foundation or powder, you will know how utterly vexing it is to have your face covered in a mixture of sweat, oil and foundation – feels like a concoction on your face. Should I reapply powder to hide the powder then?

That’s why I decided to try out Chia Seed No Shine Hydrating Cream. What a mouthful to read.

Chia Seed Hydrating Cream

Chia Seed No Shine Hydrating Cream

You guys will remember my previous post on Chia Seed Cleansing Foam. I bought this facial cream together with the cleansing foam because I had terrible skin troubles for a long period and nothing could solve it – sleeping early, drinking water, not using make up. Nothing. I thought splurging more money would mean that I am investing in my skin, ergo better skin. It isn’t entirely true though.


Face Shop Chia Seed Cream

Foremost, the packaging is way cool. The acrylic bottle is really thick and looks difficult to break in the event your butter fingers happen to drop the product on the ground. Moreover, it makes the product looks really expensive, which it already is, I just mean even more expensive. Good gift to give your best friend on her birthday.

The inner lid serves the duo function of keeping the cream itself as clean as possible and also preventing leakages in case you put the jar in your bag on a trip overseas and it overturns. I like such inner lids a lot – it always makes my product feel a lot more sterile. As you can see in the picture below, Face Shop also took the liberty of giving you a spatula to scoop out the cream so you don’t dunk your dirty finger in each time. Yikes to bacterial growth. Make sure to wash the spatula after each use and dry it well before storing.


Face Shop Chia Seed Cream

My impression of the Chia Seed cream is that it is less of a cream and more of a gel – cream tends to be more oil based and heavier in texture (in my opinion) whearas this is a light gel, water based and easier to absorb into the skin without oily residues being left behind. In this case, Chia Seed Hydrating Cream is a light, almost watery gel (slightly more viscous than that) with a sweet scent. The sweet scent maybe rather overpowering to some, like myself, but in general I still find it tolerable since the scent fades off fast enough.

face cream

Clear transparent gel

The gel is slightly sticky on the skin upon application and I would recommend a few dots on the face before patting it out into the skin using the fingertips for it to be absorbed, rather than to rub the skin. This is because I realized that rubbing may cause most of the lotion to stick to the hand instead of being absorbed into the face, and the motion also pulls on the skin causing wrinkles. Thus, patting lightly using finger tips is definitely preferred.

Also, I like to spray my face with Avene thermal spray to moisturize my skin lightly before application – it makes the gel easier to spread on the face, and I also feel that it adds addition moisture to the skin, making the gel more easily absorbed into the skin.

In general, the gel is hydrating, but it doesn’t curb oil formation as much as the retail assistant claims. Her suggestion is that this facial cream contains no oil base and chia seed essence itself helps to lock in moisture, hence oil formation is reduced. This is sadly not the case. My face still gets oily, perhaps a little less depending on the number of hours post application.

The hydrating cream is available at Face Shop for around $30 plus dollars, and you can go down to any store to test from their sampling jar. I would rate it a 6/10, not entirely impressed but still not too bad.

Have any of you tried this or any Face Shop products? Share with me in the comments and do share this post if you enjoy reading it 🙂