Rabbit Owl Depot Waffles

Yum Yum! Just what is the best combination in the world? Warm crispy waffles slathered in crunchy cookie butter and dusted with fragrant powdered sugar, with a side of your favourite ice-cream!

We went to Rabbit Owl Depot to discover one of the most delicious waffles we have experienced so far!

Now, though there are a lot of waffles places out there which serve delicious crispy waffles, there is one thing that sets Rabbit Owl Depot (ROD)Waffles aside from other waffles! Waffles from outlets like Galare and Griddy provides fluffy waffles that are very crispy and light in the sense that you are biting into a lot of air – which gives the waffle its crunch and its crisp.

ROD waffles are deliciously dense but it is still able to retain the crunchy crispiness that we cannot get enough of! Each waffle is baked to perfection with just the nice amount of slightly charred cripsy edges that gives one the kick. Out of the available flavours for the waffles, we picked cookie butter because it is the most unique and not to mention very delicious when eaten with anything.

We totally did not regret the choice of cookie butter.

Not only is it extremely fragrant and appealing to our palates, the cookie butter has bits of cookie pieces which gives the waffles an extra crunch. Coupled with our choice of Vanilla and Salted Caramel Icecream, I would say this is the waffle to go to when you need some indulgence amidst hectic schedules.

The vanilla ice-cream melted rather quickly – almost three times as fast as the caramel one, so we recommend eating it quickly first if you were to order it!

We did not remember to take a picture of the interior – which is cozily desgined and comfortably organized, but ROD Instagram page was sweet enough to send me a picture of their interior! Look at the cozy and homey decorations and the industrial bulbs dangling from the ceiling! It is the prefect place to chill with your buddies on a rainy/ sunny afternoon!

Rabbit Owl Depot Interior

The waffles we ordered are called snow flakes waffles and you can choose between cookie butter, chocolate drizzle and something else that we can’t remember…but check the menu when you are there! You can definitely find something you like! 🙂

The only thing about this waffles is that is is really pricy for students (who are given 5-10% discounts if you go on a weekday, and in uniform). The waffle set we bought from above costs us $15.50. The ice-creams are divided into premium and classic (I think, can’t remember, hoho) and the flavours are really interesting! I know Tom’s Palette sell really good ice cream too…but that is for another time.

The location for this cafe is:

420 North Bridge Road #01-06, Singapore 188727

It is nearest to Bugis MRT and you can find it opposite National Library along a rather deserted stretch next to some printing shop.

Here is how it looks from the outside:

Rabbit Owl Depot from the outside

A huge thank you to Rabbit Owl Depot for kindly sending me the pictures! Just in case you are wondering, this is NOT a sponsored post and we paid for all of our food ourselves (in both visits)! The waffles are seriously that enjoyable and you need to try it to know it!

That’s all for now! Stay healthy and eat more!


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