There is probably a discourse surrounding the notion of positivity and negativity and I have little doubts that public opinion is gonna look something like this:

Positive – good

Negative – bad

I mean, that probably makes a lot of sense even at the denotative level, but what I am expounding here is our impression of people carrying such moods. Consider the following sentences:

“She seems like a very positive person.” 

“She seems a little negative today.”

The second statement seems oh-so-foreboding whereas the first one makes the person seems way approachable.

Now, that is why everyone is going to aim to be positive and cheery and all sunshiny because hey, that is supposed to be the good thing. It is swept along with the whole crate of other good things we need to have such as confident, charming, friendly, generous, forgiving…it is like, you need to have the trait.

That is nothing too bad in itself, just that it creates the whole ideological supply of demand for positivity and people trying to fulfill these expectations. Now there, this in itself isn’t entirely bad. It is just, kind of restrictive.

Suppose a person screwed up a test real bad, heard his dog diagnosed with an illness and then lost his stuff. He has the rights to be sad. We know that he has the rights to be sad. Yet, we say things like, “Cheer up, it is going to be okay.” all in a good will of trying to better his day. We try to make him slightly less upset, less negative and slightly more positive – a tinge happier perhaps?

But there is absolutely nothing to be cheery about the situation, unless we employ the method of “it could have been worse”. Which, in my opinion, is a terrible method. Imagine,

“Well, it could have been worse. The sky could have fallen today and we could all have died.”

Terrible example, but you get the point.

This is getting a little rambly, but my point is, allow negativity to have its place in our lives and in our society. You can’t have the sunshine without expecting the shadows, just like you can’t have good positive moods all the time. If someone were to be sad and mope, let them mope. Be there for them as a quiet supportive figure offering pats and hugs, but don’t expect them to cheer up just because whatever we did. Not being them, we can never understand the magnitude of their problems and the extent of their pain.

Not talking about myself of course.

I am always such a wonderfully positive person.


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