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Happy Chinese New Year to all of you! On the eve of Chinese New Year today, we decided to be very un-Chinese by going to Korean cafe for lunch. Pink Candy is an aunthentic Korean cafe run by Korean owners, and the food is both homely and very very reminiscent of the food we all crave while watching K-dramas…

Located at the 4th floor of Beauty World Center, Pink Candy can be easily found at the rooftop hawkwer center at Beauty World that similarly sells delicious and affordable food!

This is how the Pink Candy looks like from the outside!

Pink Candy

To be very fair, I wasn’t all that impressed with the external decorations (or the name of the cafe itself) when I just saw it because Pink Candy doesn’t remind me of anything Korean-ish at all. It reminds me of like cotton candy and too many fluffy imaginary unicorns…like at the Bangkok Unicorn cafe. Somemore the glass door of the eatery was like covered in all kinds of posters and words, which gave it a very messy feel.

Pink Candy Korean Snack Bar

I like the fact that they serve healthy food – as healthy as outside food can get, anyways. Also, they definitely live up to the name of “Home-made food” because the entire ambience was really really homely almost like you are staying over at your Korean relative’s house!

Okay, let us not focus too much on the exterior, and go straight to the food that we managed to try today!

A quick glance down the menu of Pink Candy shows that the food is relatively pricey especially with regards to its location. The cheaper snacks like the Kimbab costs around $8.90, and the plate of gyoza costs around $12.90.

However, here is the redeeming point: the food come in pretty large portions – the Kimbab was a generous WHOLE roll which can definitely feed 2 people nicely! The gyoza was a generous ~12 pieces, whch really exceeded my expectations because wow, they are not only relatively big but also quite stuffed with japchae fillings!

Crispy gyoza – around 12 pieces for $12.90

The gyozas are a light golden brown and deep fried to absolute perfection: each bite brings about a satisfying crunchy sound. The fillings of japchae (Korean glass noodles) are well-seasoned and really interesting for gyozas since I am used to eating meat or vegetable filled gyozas.

The picture of the gyoza above shows what we got after we have already eaten 3-4 pieces…as you can see we were so hungry and eager to try the food that I totally can’t remember to take photos until I was reminded I wanted to blog about this. 🙁

I find their choice of light soy sauce instead of vinegar rather interesting since I have always been used to using vinegar. But hey, the soy sauce actually went pretty well with the gyoza!

Okay, next up, the famous Jangjangmyun, which is the traditional Korean black-bean sauce noodles. The photo below is how it looks like after the sauce has been mixed and and 1/3 of it has been wolfed down by a very hungry Ken. Again the portion is very very generous, and to be honest, I felt we over-ordered coz the noodles and the gyoza alone can probably stretch us to the brim of our stomach capacities already.

The noodles were really sufficiently chewy to give a good bite – I dislike soggy or overly soft noodles. This noodles is really of the just nice quality and was very very satisfying. I personally loved the black bean sauce that the noodles come with as the flavour hits all the right benchmarks – not too salty, not too overpowering, fragrant and not sickening. Sometimes some noodles taste really good on the first few bites but they get more tedious to eat after a while – this wasn’t the case!

Jang Jang Myun  – $12.90

Last but definitely not the least, my all time favourite, THE KIMBAB! I love love love sushi so I love kimbab which is like a more convenient form of sushi whereby one just tosses every delicious ingredient into the roll and YUMS. This Kimbab is one of the best one I have eaten thus far, though it is slightly pricier when you compare it to Hwang’s at NUS (but honestly, don’t compare as that is like insulting the efforts that Pink Candy owners put into preparing the food).

Do you guys see the two pieces of the kimbab with lettuce sticking out? I love love those end pieces because they are so genuine and beautiful – like I can just imagine Pink Candy’s chef rolling up the kimbab nicely. *emotional for no reason at all*

The kimbab was really delicious and filled with a lot of different stuffings, including egg, ham/bacon (I can’t tell HA), pickles, cucumbers, carrots and crab sticks. Ahhh, each moutful was like a bite of pure heaven…as you can see, I have already eaten 2 pieces prior to the picture which is why the plate looks emptier than it should be 😛

Kimbab – $8.90

On top of all those delicious food, we were also given free side dishes and free flask of drink that seems to be corn tea! It has a very fragrant smell but no flavour, which is okay, since the food has enough flavour by themselves anyway! The side dishes consists of kimchi, fishcake, macroni tossed in cream and sweet potato glazed with honey/sugar coating. It was all very delicious but we were so full that I couldn’t eat much of the sides apart frm the kimchi and sweet potatoes.

Overall, the food is really good and definitely worth the price you are paying. If your girlfriend or boyfriend is a fan of the Korean culture, then this is the place that is definitely worth going to if you want a taste of authentic Korean cuisine! Don’t bother with huge commercialized brands like Seoul Yummy (which is pricey as pricey gets) as this is really the real thing. The owners are the sweetest bunch I have come across and they make one feel so happy and contented eating their delicious food! When they gave me the food I replied “I will eat well” in Korean and the Unnie who served me the food smiled so sweetly and happily. The atmosphere, good food, and the service (as well as eating with your favourite people) will all make this a truly wonderful and memorable experience!


#04-03 Beauty World Centre, 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, 588177


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