Odyssey Essay Day

Usually weekends like today are my homework days, meaning that I will finish whatever work that I don’t do (I don’t really do work on weekdays) throughout the week and finish up all my homework, tutorial/lecture preparations and upcoming assginments over the weekend. Speaking of long weekends, I am quite pleased with my free-Monday timetable, which means, HA, no Monday blues.

Today I had grand plans. It looked something like that:

  • Noon (I woke up around noon) to afternoon – Pick an essay question for my EN2201 module and try to brainstorm for ideas, come up with a rough draft
  • Evening – Work on GER1000 webcast for this week and complete the burden of weekly quiz
  • Night time – Read my Philo reading and complete the upcoming quiz

Sounds like some grand plans right?

It is night time now and I STILL have yet to come up with a concrete argument for my Odyssey essay.


People like Homer must be really bored in the past to write an entire book in poem.

The essay is starting to weigh on my mind. I am resigned to the fact that I can never finish my assignments early because I don’t feel a sense of urgency till the assignment is due the next day…which almost always results in me working til 2am to complete the essay. I still remember my literature essays for EN1101E which are all done several hours before the submission deadline. I think I need to change that habit since I won’t be this lucky forever to always be able to write something acceptable in the ninth hour.

Meh and YX asked me to go bowling with them and YL in the morning, but I had to do the essay and I sincerely believed that I could actually come up with a solid outline by today, so I studiously turned them down. I also turned down their offer for skating tonight because I have plenty of work and contrary to popular beliefs, yes, weekends are fantastic times for me to work – weekends are usually too tiring.

Talked to JX moderately throughout the day, he has a hackathon competition tomorrow which is going to last all the way through Sunday and the poor soul is probably not getting enough rest. Skype calls with him are one of my favorite times though usually I can’t remember what I want to say – everything seem so uninteresting and mundane to speak off when you have limited time to reply to someone’s question on “How’s your week?” Sleep, eat, school, Dota2, whine and repeat. Nah, it is actually more interesting than that, which is why I am writing about it now, right?


My favorite books by Daniel H. Wilson! Bioshock is a computer game that JX really likes. 

Bioshock is a bloody cool game but I am usually too chicken to play it by myself. I find it even creepier than L4D2 (which Meh finds really creepy). L4D2 is kinda like a game where you are ready for zombies charging at you so it is not that bad…(unless it is a witch, woe betide me – the wails of witch is really hair-raising). Bioshock is – like its name – really shocking. The zombies look ghastly (aha, imagine if I say the zombie looks handsome) and creepier imo, and the game settings freak me out.

Okay back to the topic, if you have been following my blog, you will know I have actually read and reviewed Robocalypse, and I totally love it. That’s why I am going to read it again and read Robogenesis (I think it is the sequel). I heard that they are making a movie for it, and I am totally looking forward to it, though I still have my doubts on how the movie is going to portray the dizzying multi-person narrative. I am a happy person to have found these two books…which also means that my assigned reading of Scarlet Letter and Sophocles have to wait. Oh shucks and I have mid terms to prepare for. *bites nail anxiously*

I played Dota till almost 2am with QY, Meh (and Nick?) last night. The last time I did that I went to bed haunted by dreams where I was trying hard to score last hits. Trust me, QY is right to be incredulous or impressed by the very few last hits I score, because boy they are difficult for now. JX doesn’t like Dota2 at all, or we can play with him as well.

I want to learn K-pop or hiphop – I signed up for D’hopper class with Meh but too man lessons have passed since we found out about it and frankly I am now too awkward to attend it, so I suppose that hobby would take a backseat. I was going to sign up for guitar lessons, but argh all the slots but Wednesday are full and Wednesdays are reserved for skating.

I also want to write a dystopian novel, but so many people are writing dystopian novels! The ideas are probably going to look like altered copies of each other, although to me mine feels like a shadow of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. I have lots of ideas swimming around in my head, but when I sit down to type, I have nothing. Damn.

Having a bit of headache now and felt nauseous after dinner – Idk, maybe the food I ate at Westmall food court wasn’t that fresh? Just feel my stomach churning unpleasantly. Going to get some work done, and hopefully have some time for Dota after that.

I shall now strive to end off my person life blogposts with a nice quote, so we all would know lots of nice quotes if you read my very educational blog.

“Scandals are gossips made tedious by morals.” – Oscar Wilde in Lady Windermere’s Fan.


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