New Site!

Many of you would have been directed from to here by now, and you must be wondering why. Or not. Because I know my readers are a bunch of smarty pants, right? As I have mentioned in my “Abouts” page for this sparkling new site, the reason why I (okay, not really I, but let us not go into the specifics, shall we?) decided to begin a new site is because the aforementioned blog was mercilessly abandoned by me after some technical issues, thus I decided to migrate to wordpress, because….because….uh I don’t know. I just did. Yep.

Yes, I plan to put in a lot more effort in reviving my blog, and indeed I will post more interesting snippets about my life. Wait, what do you mean my life is not interesting? Pish posh, I assure you if you turn my life into a Korean drama, the viewership will explode because the best and the worst things both seem to happen to me in plenty.

I will be reviewing a lot of products, because that is a great part of my passion where I really enjoy airing my opinions on different things, and I hope to bring to you candid and reliable product reviews…after all the amount of beauty products in the market is limitless whilst our pocket money is tragically limited. Which means that we won’t know something sucks unless we have already wasted money on it.

A huge thank you to anyone who has already navigated through this site that seems kinda boring now, but trust me, give me more time and it will flourish. Trust please.

*pops champagne*

Cheers to new beginnings!


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