Manhattan Fish Market 1-for-1

A week ago Manhattan Fish Market was having one-for-one deals and I was pretty excited as I find them a bit pricey usually. One for one is like the best time to try out some place new!

We were caught in a dilemma between 2 choices…namely:

Dory n Chips with Chicken Wings

Dory n Chips with Country Mushrooms

The posters presented a crazy tantalizing shot of the food and we decided we had to try it! We went to the Star Vista branch on 10th February around 4.30pm or so? It wasn’t dinner time then so the restaurant was sparsely populated and we could sit freely. After ordering our meal and waiting for less than 10 minutes, our food arrived! The sight of it made us so excited!

Manhattan Fish Market Dory n Chips

It looks good, albeit quite different from the one you see in poster, which is to be expected since in posters they don’t actually drizzle tartar sauce – it will make the fish soggy. They usually drizzle white glue instead because the visual appeal is stronger.

However I didn’t like the food as much as I thought I would – the fish was not as hot as I wanted it to be and my fries was bordering on cold. What made the fries warm seemed to be the dory on top of it, and the process of heat transfer from the fish to the fries meant that my dory wasn’t as hot as I would like it either. The golden mushrooms that we were looking forward to wasn’t seasoned well – just bland little mushrooms coated in batter and deep fried – no distinct flavour. The side salad was dry but I have not much complaints about it since I don’t plan to eat it anyway, so that’s okay, but when I checked with Ken, his fries were warmer than mine, though still nowhere near the hot and fresh condition that one usually expects.

Although the staff service is generally decent and the ambience is pretty good too, I don’t think I will eat Manhattan Fish Market again for 2 reasons. Firstly, it is possible that the quality of the food is not consistent across outlets or even within outlet between different batch – despite being served at the same time, one serving had cold fries while the other warm fries. I would personally rather not risk getting cold fries again – why waste your calorie count on substandard fries right? Also, for $13.95, I would rather eat the Fish and Chips in NUS Royals Bistro which costs only $11.90 and tasted about 3 times better…also without the trouble of travel?

I am not sure how your experience with Manhattan Fish Market is like but this is either my first or second time trying and as far as I am concerned…I am not going back in a jiffy. ^^”



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