Innisfree Eco Flower Lip Tint – No. 1 Camellia

As you guys have already or not already known, I am a huge fan of the brand Innisfree, which is a Korean brand. It somehow appeals to me a lot more than other brands like Etude House and Faceshop do, partly because I find the layout of Innisfree shops bright, airy and spacious (without having overly enthusiastic sales attendants breathing down your neck is a definite added bonus) as compared to the other shops. I have been trying out a huge range of their products at the expense of my own wallet, and I will be updating you guys on some of these products as I go along.



Innisfree Eco Flower Tint Camellia

Recently (actually just yesterday), I decided that most if not all my lip colors at home are too light – I used to prefer either nude or pale pink lip colors, but truthfully, I don’t really enjoy wearing lipsticks or lip gloss, so I typically skip that step in any makeup I do. Nonetheless, I thought it is time for me to try something bright and different, which resulted in the choice of Innisfree’s Eco Flower Tint.

The most pleasing thing about most if not all Innisfree products is that they smell pleasant (either that they are scentless). I find this aspect particularly important because think about it – we are going to be putting all those things on our face…hence we will be smelling it all day. It doesn’t work to have some strong chemical smelling item on your lips or face.

Back to Innisfree’s Eco Flower Tint, the packaging is simple and far from those glossy high class packaging that we expect from slightly more expensive brands like Revlon. For a decent price of $10, I find nothing to complain at all about the packaging – it is simple, thus I find it classy in a minimalist way.


Color pay-off. What is important for us to note that lip tints are not like lip gloss or lip sticks – a single application is NOT expected to give you a deep or bright shade of cherry (or whatever color it is you are looking for) on your lips. In fact, the amazing thing that I adore about tints is that it is not as concentrated – this Eco Flower Tint in itself is watery in texture and moisturizing on application. Upon application, I did find the color pay off too bold for my liking as bright red lipsticks or gloss frequently tend to, and the convenience of a lip tint lies in that the more time your dip and apply, the more concentrated the color gets. Personally, I did not go past two applications at a single time – I prefer to give my lips a splash of the color without it being too ostentatious.

The brush applicator is soft and easy to use. After I have applied 2 layers onto my lips, I was surprised to find my lips moist and not sticky, and to spread the color our evenly, I pressed my lips together for a while before doing so again with a piece of tissue in between my lips to dab off the extra color. After that the color just appears really really natural on the lips – almost like your own lip color, and it is not obvious in the sense that you won’t detect a particularly oily or shimmery layer on your lips…which for myself is argh, a turn off.



Before application (applied nude lipstick by Clinique).


After application of Eco Flower Lip Tint.

For those who are interested, my outfit (the one with jewels in the picture) is from Her Velvet Vase, I bought it on sale, so it is really affordable. Okay that’s all for my post today! I haven’t written in a really long time, so my reviews might have gotten a bit rusty 😀


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