Hmm what is this that I am feeling?

Now I woke up today feeling very very artistic, and very very random. I read through my favourite blogs which of course included Xiaxue’s blog and a Hypebole and a Half.

Speaking of a Hyperbole and a Half, I really really really love the author’s sense of humor, and her lovely drawings. Which might explain MY artistic inclination of late.

Anyway I have been feeling pretty grumpy lately.

Why? you ask, surprised that such a cheerful and sunny girl like myself can ever feel grumpy.

Well there is so many things I want to blog about, but I have no time or patience to do it. And then I forget about all the interesting things and when I start writing a new post, only boring stuff come out.

Which is making me very very very disturbed.

And in answer to JW who asked why I am blogging in a monotone, I point my stumpy little finger at A Hyperbole and a Half, somewhat accusingly.

Too bad. Read too much of something and you will write like something. Which is why I don’t really read Shakespeare.

Anyway life is boring and I refuse to blog further until a really good topic comes to mind, or unless I am really very very free. 😀


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