Hilariousness, warning to all dog owners

I always thought my grandmother was trying to be funny when she told me this folklore/ tale of how a princess got raped by her dog and everything. I thought it was a story told to me so that I won’t try to ask grampy to get me a dog, but today on youtube I really came across some horny dogs trying their best to hump whatever they see….

Yes! That furry dude is just like horny to the max and trying to stick where it can. Disturbingly funny omg, now girls with male dogs, do you feel safe any longer when cuddling your dogs to sleep? Who know it might just turn around and make out with you!


It is like, omg, poor froggy! It got its mouth forced open by that stupid horny monkey and raped! Oh lord oh lord! I feel so sorry for the frog, I mean froggies are quite adorable and everything! STUPID MONKEY! Now I am more convinced than ever that all males, regardless of species, are pretty horny and hmmm dangerous. Not to mention a little sick.

Okay, that’s all…hope you guys have fun revising for dumb block test!



  1. wtf. SO, what do you tink makes it so hillarious? Erm I guess they r juz playing but not too serious until tis level

  2. I know it's humor. But can u describe it? Its ok if u cant because I know that question is very….

  3. I think a monkey shagging a frog is not something which you see everyday, and the squeals of the onlookers made it funny.

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