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gods of egypt

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I went to watch Gods of Egypt with YX yesterday, and boy I have been looking forward to this movie for quite a long time! I won’t say that it is that wonderful in terms of logic or plot, but I enjoyed the beauty of the costume designs as well as the (overwhelming) CGI effects.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

From the onset we are introduced to two moral characters, Beck and Zaya who are in love with each other. Beck is portrayed as a fast fingered thief who stole a beautiful dress for Zaya to wear for Horus’s upcoming coronation. She tries the dress, which is SUPER sexy and revealing (I love it), and of course it fits despite the fact that it is stolen and that a guy stole it. Because, movies.

Horus (the God of Sky) seems pretty irresponsible and unfit for the role of a god from the first sight. It is the morning of the coronation, and he is still sleeping peacefully in his bed, before waking up and having his maidservants bathe him. The goddess of love enters and massages him, and we are made privvy to a romantic relationship between two of them. At this moment, it seems much more flirtatious than anything serious, although we are also made to notice the glittering jewel bangle on the goddess’s arm – each jewel represents one of the demons that Horus has slain for her to rescue her from the demons. How she got there, we are told later, and be prepared for it to confuse you further.

So the coronation starts. The father of Horus is deeply adored by all his people (of Egypt) and they look happy with their new (immature, imo) god as a king. I suppose if you think about it, better an immature god as king than to have a cruel god right? We are also made cognizant of the innumerous other gods that are in charge of other things, example wisdom (the god is humorously conceited) and the goddess of protection, who has wings and is so stunningly beautiful that she distracts me from the movie. Anyhoos, halfway through coronation, Set (brother of Horus’s father) who is also the god of darkness, arrives and pretends to congratulate Horus, before revealing his intentions of usurping the position of the king. He stabs his brother, who collapses and bleeds GOLDEN blood, as Isis (Horus’s mom) watches on helplessly and cradles the dying old king. Goddess of protection rushes forth to shield them with her wings (again, breathtakingly beautiful) and Horus and Set fight. Of course we know that Horus will lose given all the signs that says “Hey this is actually a Bildungsroman. He needs to encounter a crisis and hardship before he can grow.”. Sounds very much likes Homer’s The Odyssey.

Anyways, Horus falls in defeat after an intense battle where they are transform into their cool metallic deity forms with a lot of cheating on Set’s behalf. Set stomps upon Horus’s chest, and digs out his eyes (you will be grateful for the golden blood – it is much less gory) because Horus’s eyes allows him to see his enemies’ attacks. Yes, it is slowly revealed that Set is just really good at stealing other god’s key traits, such as the wings from Goddess of Protection and also the brain from God of Knowledge. Then he will do this weird metal wielding thing to transplant all this stuff into himself. Bah. Revolting.

Horus runs away blind. And from here it gets kinda sian for me because firstly it annoys me that Horus is kinda cowardly and ultimately requires the help of a mortal to help him find back his determination, and also because whilst I greatly detest Set, Horus isn’t really that much better at the start. It is like, Horus or Set? Answer: All false.

Some moving parts are present, such as when the Goddess of Love gives her bracelet to Beck so that he could get to see Zaya (although that is really just weird, because why would Anubis (god of afterworld) allow it?) Some parts that are a bit frail on the logic here and  there – what I did was to just ignore the logical sequence and just admire the costumes and abs of the characters.

I enjoyed the movie partly coz YX and I got couple seats (JX, you jelly?) and it was quite fun to be talking about stuff throughout. Our seats were rather too in front, so not the most optimal for this movie that has too many zooming in and out with the scene spinning or swinging around. I had to close my eyes at some points to allay my giddiness. Gah.

Super fun day, got a bit emo towards the end coz Meh couldn’t join us, so we sat in SMU, with our skates on and emoing. Gah. Meh you are so important to us haha (totally not guilt-tripping you).

I want to see more movies soon. Especially horror. I miss them horror shows.


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