Things have not been going well this week.

For some reason I am down with fever since Monday afternoon and it progressively got worse to this moment, culminating at around 38.3. Okay I find the fever still tolerable, at least it means that I am not so cold? Neh, despite the heat of the fever, my extremities are freezing. Why? So fickle and typical of fever.

I have a essay due on Thursday midnight and I have nothing to hand in because I have no idea what is going on – this module confused me tremendously from the first moment. Like all right, I get the theories undergirding Modernism and Postmodernism. But how do I apply all this learning crammed within 1-2 lectures into an essay and sound like I actually know my stuff? This is good training in fluffing, an important skill in life.

I have an exam on Saturday morning 9am, which means I can’t even stay up late Friday night to study for it. On the bright side, I feel that I am partly confident for this module all thanks to Sherlyn who made me did some revision early. Sherlyn you are my life saver, for real <3

I tried to ask for an extension of essay deadline but it is not going to be granted unless 5 people in total asks for it.

I don’t think I have the social influence and popularity to mobilize 5 people into asking…do I even know 5 people in my lit class? Oh wait yes, it borders on “Hello! Bye!” kind of know. Besides fellow classmates who didn’t take 19th century or Feminism would have started on this one long ago…I do feel somewhat disadvantaged, but it is part and parcel of life!

The masochistic part of me is actually really thrilled by the tight deadline and high pressure – I know! I am like so damn masochistic. I complain, I demand sympathy and empathy and secretly I am like – “ain’t no diamonds be made without pressure!” So yes yes this is good training.

I am such a positive person!

Gahh, my stomach is rumbling louder than the distant thunder – I suspect it is a serious case of stomach flu since I feel nauseated and pained all the time. I have visited the washroom more times than necessary today and I am unable to drink any water because it makes me feel so sick.


As expected, one or two of my classmates need a extension of deadline but those who even have the briefest idea disagree to extension (sobs, ain’t no one gonna save my sick and sorry asses). Again, it is my own fault for not starting early, so I don’t really blame anyone…apart from me-self.

But! Like I say, pressure is good and wonderful.

I might actually craft another A grade essay…since Dr Yeo always rejects my essay outlines but ends up giving me A anyway. I guess maybe that’s his own way of pushing me to go beyond the comfortable simplistic argument and sinking into an irrevocable sense of academic stasis.

May the divine powers of your individual religions bless you all.

And may my highly intelligent, caffeine pumped brain be my source of salvage.

Boy I am arrogant. (Btw, if you believe any of the boasting above, you need to take a class EN1101E intro to lit – it is called sarcasm and hyperbole.)


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