Overslept today and woke up feeling quite exhausted and drained from a whole night worth of nightmare. Dreamt that I was being petulant and stubborn, throwing a tantrum at the people I am closest to in my dreams and it was a terrible feeling when I was ignored. Is it some kind of Fruedian suggestion of my inner consciousness? The tulmultuous and unstable mind?

Had a similarly taxing tuition in the morning, too many kids and too little of me is able to switch tracks from one to another. The end of the tuition always feel like a moment of epiphany when I appreciate my life so so much more (heh). It won’t be so bad if everyone is learning a tthe same time – everyone was more or less doing the same worksheets, but I had to go through individually with them, which means I had to explain a same question 3 or 4 times over, and my throat hurts from talking towards the end.

Meh, I am just being particularly whiny these couple of days. I blame it on the hormones. I will be happier once these couple of days are over.

I am exhausted and I need strong strong coffee. :3

(Btw, drinking coffee daily is proven to be good for the heart and carry anti-cancer properties. Is it pseudo science? Idk, I heard it in a health talk show. I always question the veracity of such programs.)


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