Different Types of Fashion

Fantastic Fashion

Featured Song- Fantastic Baby by Big Bang  

Hip Hop Fashion

Hip Hop Fashion Icon 2NE1
More of 2NE1’s fashion. They look stunning, especially  Bom and Dara. This also kind of belong to my classy and sexy definition. 🙂

Hip Hop Fashion Icon Big Bang

Okay, so if you are out for the Big Bang and 2NE1 style, you will probably like this type of Hip Hop Jackets which is trending quite a lot lately.

Hip Hop Jacket Img Source: http://clothjac.com/hiphop-leather-jackets/
As you can see, JB from Dream High 2 (Korean Drama) is wearing a neon pink one. 🙂

Classy, Sexy Feminine Fashion

Of course, Girls’ Generation comes to mind. Love their shoes. 🙂
Super Junior and their classy black suits. 🙂
SHINee. I think their outfit is always stylish and has a certain charm about it.

SNSD Heels

Img Source: http://style.soshified.com/tag/the-shoe/page/2/

Img Source: http://style.soshified.com/tag/the-shoe/page/2/

Okay Enough of the celebrity fashion. Let’s look at what is trending instead.

Trends of 2011-2012

Firstly, I think long skirts and dresses are trending. Both that and the short types like those which Park Bom wears.

Long Skirt.

Jeong Yoon Soo From Heartstrings wearing long skirt.
Lee Kyu Won (Park Shin Hye) and her long skirt.

Posted Image
Long crop top dress. 🙂

Yup. Long dresses and skirts. Must say they look quite nice. Should be so for me especially, since I don’t have nice legs. D: So long as you wear the skirt higher up on your waist, you will look like you have nice long legs. Long legs at least. Coz no one can really tell haha. 😀



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