Manhattan Fish Market 1-for-1

A week ago Manhattan Fish Market was having one-for-one deals and I was pretty excited as I find them a bit pricey usually. One for one is like the best time to try out some place new!

We were caught in a dilemma between 2 choices…namely:

Dory n Chips with Chicken Wings

Dory n Chips with Country Mushrooms

The posters presented a crazy tantalizing shot of the food and we decided we had to try it! We went to the Star Vista branch on 10th February around 4.30pm or so? It wasn’t dinner time then so the restaurant was sparsely populated and we could sit freely. After ordering our meal and waiting for less than 10 minutes, our food arrived! The sight of it made us so excited!

Manhattan Fish Market Dory n Chips

It looks good, albeit quite different from the one you see in poster, which is to be expected since in posters they don’t actually drizzle tartar sauce – it will make the fish soggy. They usually drizzle white glue instead because the visual appeal is stronger.

However I didn’t like the food as much as I thought I would – the fish was not as hot as I wanted it to be and my fries was bordering on cold. What made the fries warm seemed to be the dory on top of it, and the process of heat transfer from the fish to the fries meant that my dory wasn’t as hot as I would like it either. The golden mushrooms that we were looking forward to wasn’t seasoned well – just bland little mushrooms coated in batter and deep fried – no distinct flavour. The side salad was dry but I have not much complaints about it since I don’t plan to eat it anyway, so that’s okay, but when I checked with Ken, his fries were warmer than mine, though still nowhere near the hot and fresh condition that one usually expects.

Although the staff service is generally decent and the ambience is pretty good too, I don’t think I will eat Manhattan Fish Market again for 2 reasons. Firstly, it is possible that the quality of the food is not consistent across outlets or even within outlet between different batch – despite being served at the same time, one serving had cold fries while the other warm fries. I would personally rather not risk getting cold fries again – why waste your calorie count on substandard fries right? Also, for $13.95, I would rather eat the Fish and Chips in NUS Royals Bistro which costs only $11.90 and tasted about 3 times better…also without the trouble of travel?

I am not sure how your experience with Manhattan Fish Market is like but this is either my first or second time trying and as far as I am concerned…I am not going back in a jiffy. ^^”


Royals Bistro – NUS

Delicious, convenient and relatively affordable?

I am sure all of us ever had this experience: extremely busy at school BUT at the same time CRAVING for classy cafe-standard food? I have this feeling only too often – the more stressed and busy I am, the more inclined I am to have a good lunch or dinner! Consider it a form of compensation for myself for working so hard – I really need the extra food to make my day!

So if you are stuck at school feeling obliged to mug all day but really want some better food that is not your usual food court food, you have to give Royals Bistro a try!

We decided to have dinner at Royals Bistro for Valentine’s Day this year because, MIDTERMS be screwing up happiness since week 5.

Royals Bistro – Fish and Chips $11.90

One of the mains we ordered was fish and chips! The portion is pretty generous compared to external cafe standards – for the same amount of money you may get half to 2/3 the portion you get here! Bistro’s fish is deep fried to a crispy perfection and arranged tantalizingly atop a bed of golden fries that are equally hot and crispy! If you intend to go for Manhattan Fish Market’s one-for-one dory fish promotion: I will suggest you come here for this instead. The quality between the two restaurants cannot be compared. Basically the fries I got at Fish Market was lukewarm and “nua” (i.e. not crispy but kinda stalish tough) whilst the fries here are so much fresher! I also love their inclusion of a side salad drizzled with this tangy dressing (possibly balsamic but I don’t eat salad much so I don’t know).

Above is a top view of the fish and chips so you can appreciate the beauty of a seemingly balanced diet…and a false sense of healthiness created by the greens. But honestly, don’t care because the food is delish!

Royals Bistro – Fried Chicken Wings $8

If you are there and you are ready to indulge in food, why not give their fried chicken wings a try? They are deep fried to a beautiful dark brown perfection and smell so wonderful that I almost drooled at the sight of them! For $8, you get 6 pieces (which are really 3 pieces cut in half). The skin is very crispy and well seasoned while the meat remains tender and succulent,  with an occasional squirt of aromatic juice. The hot sauce provided is sour-spicy and goes very well with the chicken especially if you are the type to get bored eating chicken without sauce. Nonetheless, I like my chicken without sauce because I like to taste the unadulterated (?) taste of the chicken as I chew them contentedly.

Love is simple and love is fried chicKen.

Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce on Mash Potatoes

Ohhhhh just look at that beautiful grilled skin on the chicken! I always have to fight the urge to tear off the entire piece of chicken skin to shove it in my mouth. I LOVE CHICKEN SKIN and I love it more when it is grilled nice and crispy but without the burnt taste. Though I won’t mind them grilling the skin a bit longer just to make it more crispy, I am still very happy with my chicken. The black pepper sauce drizzled on it is of a thick consistency and packs a pretty strong peppery punch which is pretty delightful, especially with the mashed potato. What I appreciate most about the mash is that you can tell that it is not instant mash – it tasted fresh with a good consistency and a hint of buttery milky flavour. Eat it plain or with the black pepper sauce – there is enough mash for 2 people when I was eating my meal.

Neither of us ordered any drinks as the 3 items amounted to roughly $32 and we thought we would be slightly more frugal with the drinks HAHA. Maybe we will try the drinks soon and do another post…but till then, check out their menu below (I think they have updated the menu since this one though).

Royals Bistro Menu

You can follow Royals Bistro’s Facebook page here to keep yourself updated with their latest specials and promotions! They are located at NUS Utown, next to Subway! You can access Utown using NUS internal shuttle buses (D1/D2) I think or external buses like 96 and 196 that stops behind Utown… If you are ever confused, google it! 🙂

*Disclaimer: I paid for this meal in full and I am in no way sponsored or affliated with Royals Bistro. As usual, all opinions are my own, sponsored posts or not.

Pink Candy Korean Snack Bar Cafe

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you! On the eve of Chinese New Year today, we decided to be very un-Chinese by going to Korean cafe for lunch. Pink Candy is an aunthentic Korean cafe run by Korean owners, and the food is both homely and very very reminiscent of the food we all crave while watching K-dramas…

Located at the 4th floor of Beauty World Center, Pink Candy can be easily found at the rooftop hawkwer center at Beauty World that similarly sells delicious and affordable food!

This is how the Pink Candy looks like from the outside!

Pink Candy

To be very fair, I wasn’t all that impressed with the external decorations (or the name of the cafe itself) when I just saw it because Pink Candy doesn’t remind me of anything Korean-ish at all. It reminds me of like cotton candy and too many fluffy imaginary unicorns…like at the Bangkok Unicorn cafe. Somemore the glass door of the eatery was like covered in all kinds of posters and words, which gave it a very messy feel.

Pink Candy Korean Snack Bar

I like the fact that they serve healthy food – as healthy as outside food can get, anyways. Also, they definitely live up to the name of “Home-made food” because the entire ambience was really really homely almost like you are staying over at your Korean relative’s house!

Okay, let us not focus too much on the exterior, and go straight to the food that we managed to try today!

A quick glance down the menu of Pink Candy shows that the food is relatively pricey especially with regards to its location. The cheaper snacks like the Kimbab costs around $8.90, and the plate of gyoza costs around $12.90.

However, here is the redeeming point: the food come in pretty large portions – the Kimbab was a generous WHOLE roll which can definitely feed 2 people nicely! The gyoza was a generous ~12 pieces, whch really exceeded my expectations because wow, they are not only relatively big but also quite stuffed with japchae fillings!

Crispy gyoza – around 12 pieces for $12.90

The gyozas are a light golden brown and deep fried to absolute perfection: each bite brings about a satisfying crunchy sound. The fillings of japchae (Korean glass noodles) are well-seasoned and really interesting for gyozas since I am used to eating meat or vegetable filled gyozas.

The picture of the gyoza above shows what we got after we have already eaten 3-4 pieces…as you can see we were so hungry and eager to try the food that I totally can’t remember to take photos until I was reminded I wanted to blog about this. 🙁

I find their choice of light soy sauce instead of vinegar rather interesting since I have always been used to using vinegar. But hey, the soy sauce actually went pretty well with the gyoza!

Okay, next up, the famous Jangjangmyun, which is the traditional Korean black-bean sauce noodles. The photo below is how it looks like after the sauce has been mixed and and 1/3 of it has been wolfed down by a very hungry Ken. Again the portion is very very generous, and to be honest, I felt we over-ordered coz the noodles and the gyoza alone can probably stretch us to the brim of our stomach capacities already.

The noodles were really sufficiently chewy to give a good bite – I dislike soggy or overly soft noodles. This noodles is really of the just nice quality and was very very satisfying. I personally loved the black bean sauce that the noodles come with as the flavour hits all the right benchmarks – not too salty, not too overpowering, fragrant and not sickening. Sometimes some noodles taste really good on the first few bites but they get more tedious to eat after a while – this wasn’t the case!

Jang Jang Myun  – $12.90

Last but definitely not the least, my all time favourite, THE KIMBAB! I love love love sushi so I love kimbab which is like a more convenient form of sushi whereby one just tosses every delicious ingredient into the roll and YUMS. This Kimbab is one of the best one I have eaten thus far, though it is slightly pricier when you compare it to Hwang’s at NUS (but honestly, don’t compare as that is like insulting the efforts that Pink Candy owners put into preparing the food).

Do you guys see the two pieces of the kimbab with lettuce sticking out? I love love those end pieces because they are so genuine and beautiful – like I can just imagine Pink Candy’s chef rolling up the kimbab nicely. *emotional for no reason at all*

The kimbab was really delicious and filled with a lot of different stuffings, including egg, ham/bacon (I can’t tell HA), pickles, cucumbers, carrots and crab sticks. Ahhh, each moutful was like a bite of pure heaven…as you can see, I have already eaten 2 pieces prior to the picture which is why the plate looks emptier than it should be 😛

Kimbab – $8.90

On top of all those delicious food, we were also given free side dishes and free flask of drink that seems to be corn tea! It has a very fragrant smell but no flavour, which is okay, since the food has enough flavour by themselves anyway! The side dishes consists of kimchi, fishcake, macroni tossed in cream and sweet potato glazed with honey/sugar coating. It was all very delicious but we were so full that I couldn’t eat much of the sides apart frm the kimchi and sweet potatoes.

Overall, the food is really good and definitely worth the price you are paying. If your girlfriend or boyfriend is a fan of the Korean culture, then this is the place that is definitely worth going to if you want a taste of authentic Korean cuisine! Don’t bother with huge commercialized brands like Seoul Yummy (which is pricey as pricey gets) as this is really the real thing. The owners are the sweetest bunch I have come across and they make one feel so happy and contented eating their delicious food! When they gave me the food I replied “I will eat well” in Korean and the Unnie who served me the food smiled so sweetly and happily. The atmosphere, good food, and the service (as well as eating with your favourite people) will all make this a truly wonderful and memorable experience!


#04-03 Beauty World Centre, 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, 588177

Klarity Appreciation Tea Party (SaladStop)

Not too long ago, I was extremely excited and happy to receive an email from Klarity: it was an invitation to attend their Appreciation Tea Party, and I am really not exaggerating because all my life I had always wanted to go for this kind of blogging/social media events. I mean, after all, it’s so damn bloody cool right? During JC period, I got a lot of invites, but I had no choice but to turn down all of them because of busy academic schedule.
Now I am liberalized and free to go whenever I want!!!

Anyway, I love the floral print and the design of the invitation, don’t you?
Klarity Appreciation Tea Party Invitation

 The Tea Party was held at SaladStop at Sail, but Denyse and I really didn’t know our way around, so we marched all around Raffles Citylink and all the adjacent malls including the financial business area or something, but the SaladStop that they had was CLOSED.

We thought it was because we went too early (half an hour early), so we sat down nearby and waitedand waited. Till it was 5 minutes before the start of the event and the SaladStop was STILL CLOSED.

We realized something was horribly wrong then.

So we scampered all around, asking the concierge and people to find our way to our destination.

Turns out that this is the newest outlet, and it is so new that it has literally JUST OPENED.

SaladStop @ Sail

Most of the bloggers/ social media influencers were already there. More of them came halfway through the event: I don’t blame them, it was really hard to find the new place, it is really quite ulu. (︶ω︶) 

Thankfully, we weren’t one of the last to reach because later on, the location became so packed that some of the people who came had to stand by the door, which is like really quite awkward right? I would feel quite shy to be standing like that. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

Before the actual thing commences. There was something remotely cool about just having this thing on the screen and us sitting there amongst the rest of the bloggers. Like we were somehow really important, like part of the media and the press. I almost imagined myself whipping out a mike for an interview… (。・ω・。)

Klarity Appreciation Tea Party

We had a skincare sharing session by our beautiful Karine and Peggy Heng, blogger at to tell us more about how damaging UV light is to the skin, and skincare tips to keep our skin youthful. It is mostly the common things we hear over and over again but never really bothered to do:

  • Wear sunblock
  • Drink more water
  • Eat more vegetables (hint: saladstop hehhe)
  • Eat more fruits
  • Good skincare habits
Peggy on the left and Karine on the most right ^_^

 Oh yes, before that we had a crowning session for the Face of Klarity competition they held last year among social influencers. Although I also received the email, I felt too paiseh to call myself an influencer because the only thing I have influenced people to do so far is to go and be a banquet waiter/waitress….muahahah.

Some of the winners didn’t come…I was actually quite confused around here because it seemed like there were so many winners or ambassadors, then two of the beautiful girls also got crowned as Miss Goodskin or something? So Denyse and I just looked at each other in bewilderment.

It’s okay though, there are things in life that we don’t need to understand. Like this. Then there are things in life we HAVE TO understand. Like Pythagoras Theorem.

Just kidding. I think we can survive in life without Pythagoras Theorem, hehe.

Karine and Yi Ling (I think). Yi Ling is slim and gorgeous.

 I think the crown thing was slippery because it kept looking like it was going to fall out of their hair (which would be pretty damn awkward, especially if it breaks right). But thank god it didn’t. Denyse pointed out that the crown was ruining Peggy’s hairstyle, which was kinda true, since it got rather squashed, oops.

Karine and Peggy

Whenever Denyse and I got bored, we started taking lots of unabashed selfies. I would really want to post the photos here, but Denyse doesn’t want me to because she leads a more private life away from the prying eyes of you guys. Anyways, Denyse was even more gorgeous that day, partly due to my awesome makeup skills. Mostly it is due to her good genes. We spent almost an hour plus in a toilet trying to get her make-up to be perfect! I have to say, I think I have talent in doing people’s make-up. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Here comes the highlight of the day!!! FOOD!

We had salad cups provided by the SaladStop, in small servings. I am guessing they did that so that we can try more taste rather than eating all the same taste right haha.

Omega Three Baby

Still Omega Three Baby

Iron Woman Salad
Go Geisha

Cheaper than a Facial!

 The salads have really interesting names, and I tried both “Iron Woman” and “Go Geisha” (see picture below).

My salad “Go Geisha” (left) and Denyse’s Iron Woman (right)

If you are having any doubts about salad like I do, about their taste and all, then fret not! Because the “Iron Woman” salad was really delicious for a salad, although nothing can really match up to the taste of fried chicken and braised pork… But hey, at least this is really healthy!

I particularly love how the Feta Cheese in “Iron Woman” gives the baby spinach the lovely, tangy after taste. It was fragrant, not too overwhelming and it also spices up what could be a boring salad to be really yummy! Also, as I am a huge fan of raisins and almond, I think I would make it my go-to salad from now on!

In fact, Denyse and I were such huge fans of “Iron Woman” that we ate 3 and 2 servings of it respectively! Even Denyse says she won’t mind eating salad everyday if it tasted that good!

As for the “Go Geisha”, it wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t really my cup of…salad. I like things with a strong flavor like Feta Cheese, which totally drowned out my compliments for Go Geisha. Nonetheless, it is still pretty good tasting for salads!

At the end of the event, we were all given a Klarity goodie bag with one of the Klarity™ Lasertox™ Slim Up Mask and a tiny sample size bottle of Klarity Lasertox CC cream. I have to say, as a HUGE fan of Klarity’s Lasertox CC cream because of its various properties. You can read my ravings about it here. I will say one thing about the CC cream: FANTABULOUS. It is so good that just “fantastic” or “fabulous” won’t do it justice.

I would probably do a follow up post about the CC cream, since I am almost done using it, and hope you guys will read it then!

Klarity Lasertox V-line Slip up mask

Each of us received one. Denyse gave hers to me after I gave her my CC cream haha. I bought 2 more on the spot because my mom loves it, so  I have 4! 。◕‿◕。

Klarity Lasertox V-line Slip up mask

Can’t wait to give Klarity Lasertox CC cream a try? Or would like to try one of their slim up mask? Why not head over to to grab some items and pamper yourself for the coming Valentines?

Afterall, we girls want to look gorgeous for the special one out there ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ)

Till next post, bye~!

Shanghai 2015! (Part I)

This year my family once again made our annual trips to Shanghai to visit our long-distance relatives! The thing about such trips is that I always go with a feeling of excitement, but halfway through, I would be pining for Singapore because I would miss everything here so much.
Changi Airport’s Christmas decoration! It is a real pity that it doesn’t snow in Singapore because I for one sure can think of half a million things to do with some fluffy white snow, hehe.
2014 Changi Airport Christmas decoration

A majestic looking (although also rather fake looking) castle! I was curious what was inside, but I don’t think we are allowed to go in.

I like the flowers!

Large snowflakes as decoration

The AED at the side of the house (along with the Chanel 5 tag) totally murdered the originally sweet and picturesque sight of the hut! I can’t remember why Mickey mouse is there though, can anyone?

“Look at my house!” – Mickey

The playground!
Changi Airport’s playground for children.

Nope, no children on that night when we were at the airport, which was a temptation for me since I could have the whole playground to myself! But woe betide my grown frame and overly mature face since I have to uphold my “grown up respectability” and sit demurely on the sofa whilst sneaking longing glances at my childhood amusement.

I really do think Singapore has a brilliant airport.


Litter litter everywhere

I didn’t know why, but the sight of the litter and cans and bottle being left on the sofa of the waiting lounge shocked me a little. I am guessing it is mainly because I am so used to the impeccably neat and tidy environment of Singapore that such a sight seems like an oddly insulting smear upon our country’s magnificent airport.

Around the lounge, more litter could be spotted, and in one area, it was particularly cluttered. I was slightly irked by the sight: couldn’t the litter bugs have the basic decency to clean up their own mess after themselves? Just because there is a highly efficient cleaning crew in Changi doesn’t mean that we can pollute the environment!

On the airplane (we rode with China Eastern Airlines), we were pleasantly surprised to find that that particular plane has been upgraded to have a small screen at the back of each seat. Cue movie time!
I woke up in the middle of the night around 1-2am to watch Maleficient. Hehe and I didn’t think of watching that on my own! I saw this other dude that was watching it in the seat before mine and it looked interesting, so I kinda copied him.

Maleficient is a brilliant movie, and Angelina Jolie did a fantastic job portraying the lead character. The joy, heartache and betrayal were all beautifully captured. The only gripe I had with the movie was that Sleeping Beauty (Aurora?)’s character was mildly bland, which is like okay, acceptable, since this movie isn’t really about her (that much) anyway.

One of the places in Shanghai which we went to was Cheng Huang Miao shopping district, and this was how it looked like when we stepped out of the metro station (which is the MRT train station, but they like to call it that so hehe).

Dong Fang Ming Zhu in the distance.

 As seen from the photo, that day was kinda hazy and it wasn’t possible to take an ultra clear shot of the skyscrapers. Sighs to air pollution.

I took a picture of a random building which I thought was rather nice looking at that point of time. As for now I just can’t seem to see the appeal that I saw then…hmm

Ahh! I love love love these quaint little street side stalls. I love how cluttered and yet organized they are, I love how one can always find unimaginable surprises buried beneath their lackluster surfaces.

Since it was around Christmas period, the stalls were naturally full of X’mas themed items. Look at the golden reindeer and its dainty posture! <3

I bought some really cute and tiny little soft toy bears from the stall below! Can you see all the bears hanging by the sides? The bodies of the bears are actually shaped like bear claws!

That many gloves xD

 And the endless assortment of trinkets for very affordable prices. I love how in China we can always haggle over the price since the price the seller first offers is usually an unreasonably high one haha. Bear that in mind travelers! Remember to cut the price by half!

 Nearby, (please don’t ask me the name, I have absolutely no idea), there is this giant outlet mall that sells the widest variety of things I have ever seen. I particularly like the mugs:

Kawaii milk carton mugs with ceramic straws attached!

 The endless rows of mugs.

And here comes the ceramic decorations! They are beyond adorable!

Wind chimes! I think?

Okay these must be fake potted plants! If you want to brighten your room but cannot remember to water your plants, try one of these! They never wilt! But they do gather a lot of dust!

I like the little fences that make up these pots! And the flowers look refreshingly real from here, don’t they?

Beneath the flowers, near the mugs are the most adorable clocks! Maybe you might even wake up on time just to admire the clock?

DIY wood crafts. Or are they styrofoam? I can’t remember….

Look at them crystals.

Ahh! I like the Energy-battery based waterbottle design! It is so adorable and creative!

The Minions pillow and head-rest.

Yes. They are still water bottles. I am obsessed with how cute they are and I cannot stop posting picture of them.

Okay phew finally, here are handmade notebooks.
Yes, each of them priced at 35 rmb which is roughly S$7.

Mmm, here is the name of the stall! I think I am in love with the antique feeling of the shop, not to mention the slightly musty scent of parchment!

Here is an assortment of very strange accessories. Yep, the colourful long stringy looking thing on the panel near the right of the photo are actually earrings. Sorry, but WHO THE HELL WEARS THEM?

I suppose my look of incredulity must be pretty ill concealed: look at the judging look on the stall owner’s face. xD

Here is another stall that allows you to design your own notebook cover as well as postcards I think? I like it, I like it, I LOVE it. Unfortunately the price was a bit out of my budget and I didn’t get to try it out.

AHHHHH there we go again! This time it is overly adorable glass bottles. WHY China WHY do you do this to me? You are inducing an obession for bottles in me!


And more…(holy mackerals, is that a minion shaped bottle!?)

Finally, the bleating of the sheep who looks more like a pale lettuce interrupts our never-ending flow of pictures of kawaii bottles.

Soft toys!

DIY felt toys.



More X’mas stuff on sale outside the building.

Mmmm I like the owls! They look so cute and life-looking.


The district is a bit run down, I have a feeling that it is deliberately kept that way to increase the mystique and the ancient vibe.

Alright, that guy photobombed.

Feels like 19th century China. Where chinese operas were still being staged frequently outside.

 My mom bought a pair of sunglasses from here!

 Our lunch that day. Priced way over 100 rmb, don’t be fooled by the looks. It tasted horrible. Like beyond horrible. The fried chicken was stale, the fried dumplings were cold and hard and I could barely chew through them. The only thing I liked was the potato wedges thing, but it was extremely oily and had this taste of stale oil. Also, the xiao long bao you see here (steamed buns) were almost cold and tasted horrible. Argh, it was a horribly spent 130 plus dollars.

 Ahh, the items below are tiny versions of the real thing crafted from gold I think?

 Speed sketch: how many can you name?

Here comes the pricey store:

The pikachu below looks like a counterfeit product!

 For people who like “Attack on Titan”!

That’s all for today’s post! I will update again soon!

Thank you all for reading and please leave a comment to let me know what you think of the goods found in this shopping district! ^_^

Om Nom #4

Om Nom #4 is all about chocolates! Yum!
In case you are confused about the labelling, yesterday’s #4 was changed to #3 after I realised that I made a mistake with the numbering, hence this is the official #4 post! Sorry for any confusion!
These Belgian chocolates were bought and given away last year, I got them at Watson during Christmas Season for just S$2:)
Watsons Belgian Chocolates Hearts

 What I liked more than the Belgium chocolates were these adorable chocolate spoons, also S$@ each! And you have a mix of both dark chocolate and milk chocolate spoons (3 each) in a pack selling only TWO DOLLARS. How awesome is that.

Watsons Chocolate spoons

 The spoons were actually quite large – sorry about the blurred photo, they were taken with iPhone 3 before my current better phone xD

 I am completely in love with these.

Truffles from either Paris or London, given by a friend.
Triple yum: cocoa powder, rich creamy chocolate, slight bitterness, all check!

The Back
The side

The front

 I was kinda too lazy to flip this one: Lindt milk chocolate with hazelnuts! <3

Short and brief post today, hope you liked it xD

Om Nom #3

(Note: Sorry I had to change to Om Nom #3 instead of #4 because I realized that 3 was missing xD)
Food time!!! I can’t believe how much good food I have eaten this week, but then, being the glutton that I am, I usually inhale my food before I have a chance to take any photos!
Here are two of the foods that I thought I would share this week!
Laksa from Eat @ Clementi, S$4.30

 The laksa soup tastes good, like with the right level of creaminess and spiciness as I like it, BUT I have one huge issue with it….

Can you tell from the photo how UTTERLY grainy the soup is?

Like instead of the smooth, silky soup you expect to taste and gulp in relish, you have to sip the soup through your teeth in an attempt to filter out all the dregs in the soup. And it is not a or two little bits of dregs.

They exist in clumps. Like huge clumpy clumps that get stuck in your teeth and refuse to get down your throat properly when you accidentally swallow it.

So instead of enjoying the laksa, you are just like trying to avoid all the dregs in the soup (hey look it is even evident on the fish cake! See the brownish mess?)

Dreg-filled soup aside, the laksa was vaguely disappointing. The tau-pok is way too hard and thus unfresh (or over-fried), the fish cake was okay, and the HALF A fried wanton they put in the soup along with Wu Xiang turned soggy (though still not too bad) and felt kinda of extra, really.

Overall rating? 2 out of 10. Severely displeased with the laksa. If you want to eat good laksa, go to West Mall food court, their soup has no dregs till you reach the bottom and everything goes well together.

Toast and Scramble/ Toastx2 Set (HCJC Canteen), each is S$2.00

 I swear our school sells fantastic, mouth watering toast and scrambled eggs.

2 pieces of toast

Like the bread has the right level of chewiness and “cookedness”, and you can taste the fragrance of the egg without it tasting like underdone in your toast. And the auntie is always generous with the maple syrup, a must for all toast!

Granted, the large amount of oil and butter they use to cook the toast make it less than ideal for your health, but hey, moderation right? Eat it every now and then to remind yourself of the good, sweet things in a bitter bitter world, hehe xD

The scrambled eggs are just as fabulous.

I have tried over a year, but I can never reach the kind of buttery, creamy and almost silk like consistency of the scrambled eggs (a hot favourite of students), and the coarse black pepper really brings out the taste! 😀

My teacher has spoken of how unhygienic this stall (Western food, actually the school canteen vendors in general) is, and how there are dead cockroaches in the sauce they drizzle on your chicken. But my point is, if you want to eat it, then close one eye and pretend you don’t know and save the worry for later…when you fall sick xD

scrambled eggs and toast

That’s all for today~~ Eat well and stay healthy!

Om Noms #1

Hey peeps,

As much as I swore to myself that I would update this blog at least thrice a week after exams, I realized that even post-exams I am much more busy than what I have imagined!

Hence, instead of posting really long or moderately long posts with me ranting and raving about things, I would do really short posts of food with brief commentary instead.

Part of this is because whenever I am stressed, I just love my food even more! 😛

Here is this week’s Om Noms!

1. Minced Meat Noodles from “Eat” at Clementi @$5.30

Minced Meat noodles

 I know what you guys are thinking, $5.30 for that amount of noodles is rather overpriced, and I totally agree with you: I mean, I can get TWO BOWLS of that in school for the same price! But we can’t compare school and outside price, can we?

Oh yum!

Price aside, the taste is fantabulous (my portmanteau for fabulous and fantastic), it is like, having the just right kind of spiciness and tanginess, and the sauce is heavenly. Even for a person who generally dislikes all things fish like me, the fishball is really good and bouncy~~ boing!

 2. Pizza Puff from “Chill” in school, @$2.00

Pizza puff

 Not the most fantastic thing ever, I had so much higher expectations for it when that miserable little puff costs as much as a school based “Happy Meal” or Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti. I think the crust is too thick and dry, the fillings wayyyy too little and not sufficient to offset the relatively saw-dust like texture of the crust. Although it lives up to its name and smell quite like a pizza, I would rather eat a real pizza or a chicken potato puff at the same price.

3.  Teriyaki Chicken Don from Japanese stall in school canteen, @$2.50

Teriyaki Chicken don

I once tried this at the start of J1 life, and because it was so salty, I never ate again till this time.

I am pleasantly surprised that it is no longer salty, but has a relatively good taste balance. The sauce is in a good amount, though some part of the rice remain uncoated, I think it is rather good to not have too much sauce because usually sauce= salty.

For just $2.50, the amount of chicken they give is LARGEEEEE and I couldn’t finish it at the same time with my rice: eventually there was just like around 4 slices of chicken left and I sat there nom-ing my way through them.

On the downside, I am very suspicious of the raw vegetables. Although I love having raw vegetables in my food, all the media reports on how hawkers tend not to wash their vegetables (or not washing them enough) before cutting them up for garnish/salad is very disturbing. I mean, a lot of people do get salmonella poisoning from unclean food after all.

Next time, no veggy (at least not outside) perhaps?


That’s all for today! Adieu my loves!

Japan: Sugar Rusk Cookies

 Food Review:)

Sugar Rusk cookies from Japan

Sugar rusk cookies aren’t really cookies, I only call them that because I can’t think of anything else to call them. The flavor that I was given is caramel pudding, and just the words themselves already made me salivate! Yum!

Japanese like to pack each one separately

 As per usual Japanese style, each sugar rusk biscuit is individually packaged in a frosted-edge clear wrapper, which increases its appeal even further. It gave the cookie an almost dreamy kind of presentation.

 Sugar rusk is actually like a dried kind of bread thing. Horrible method of description I know, but that’s the closest I can get to. Singapore has this kind of cookie like bread too, but they aren’t so beautifully packaged.

I was filled with so much expectations that the cookie itself was rather disappointing. I had expect it to be better than the cheap ones that I get at Singapore, but it was actually worse. No doubt, it was fragrant and had this touch of sweet caramel and rather coffee-like smell? But the taste itself was relatively bland, and sugar aside, I really couldn’t taste anything too unique.

Not sure where you guys can buy this here, but it isn’t really something that is overly awesome anyway~~ ^^