12 hours at Ritz Carlton

To my huge surprise, you guys seem to love reading about my utter veneration of Raffles Hotel, I mean, I had always thought nobody is really interested in knowing about people’s job.

Boy, how wrong was I!

I also got people asking me to hurry up and write about Ritz Carlton experience, which I have been putting off till now because I really don’t know how to write it in a politically correct way so that I will seem nice whilst I complain about it.

In the end I decided to heck it.

Because on the hind sight, it was still a wonderful experience despite many glitches here and there. I mean, even in life we have a lot of horrible times and horrible people who want to make things difficult for us, but things will always seem so much better if we filter out the bad parts and just hold on to the fun and heart-warming parts right?

All right, enough said, here is my Ritz Carlton (RC) experience.

I worked on Ritz Carlton on a Wednesday, from 8am to 8pm. I had to wake up at 5.15am to get ready and travel to Promenade station to meet the person, Shu Hua, who was going to take me there.

Ritz Carlton made it compulsory for all their banquet waitresses to wear light make-up, so I did mine at the Promenade toilet bwahahaha. ^^|| Anyway, I thought that the concept of light make-up is pretty vague, I mean, light to what extent? To the point of non-existent? Just BB cream and powder? I found out about that later.

Anyhoos, Shu Hua was damn nice. She is a Taiwanese, much older and more experienced than me, and seemed really shy but easy to talk to. She immediately became one of my favorite co-workers at RC because she is just so sweet!

We reached RC at around 7.45am or so and we had to sign in with the security guard, traded our IC for work-pass and then went to report to the office. Unlike Raffles, RC doesn’t provide lockers, so we kinda just dumped all our items onto the bookshelf they had in the sign-in office and it was pretty much unguarded. Later on in the evening, when all the evening workers came in, they had to put their stuff ON THE FLOOR next to the shelf because it was that full.

The person who sat at the table in the office is quite an attractive lady, in her mid twenties I think, with grey looking contact lenses. But the way she spoke made me like her much less than before she spoke. You see, because it was my first day there, they had to make me a name tag, which is really just a clear name sticker stuck onto a golden looking (I say looking because there is no way that can be real gold) name taggy thingy.

That thing cost 8 dollars, which is the amount I am paid every hour.

So I was basically “working” for 10hours that day despite me being there 12 hours, because 1 hour deducted for name-tag, one hour deducted for lunch and dinner (each session was half an hour). Boo me.

Yeah, I edited out my name.

Yeah back to the Grey-Eye lady. Can I just call her Grey-eyes? Okay I shall do that. She had to make me that name tag, so she was like “Can you wait for ten minutes?” to me in a very impatient and annoyed tone (even though I hadn’t done anything to annoy her, I swear!). I was like, “Okay, sure, thank you so much.” which she didn’t reply to and she said to Auntie Shu Hua, “You want to wait here then you wait aside. Or you can go. Just wait at one side.” in the same impatient and slightly rude tone.

See, I am saying that her tone used towards Auntie Shu Hua is rude but I didn’t say it was rude to me, simply because Auntie Shu Hua must be almost 10 years her senior (and I am not), so the tone that she is justified in using with me is so much less justified in using with a senior. I mean, even if you are a higher-up and a superior, there is still a need to show respect to the seniors in terms of age right?

So I didn’t like her that much after that incident.

The day began relatively well, and I didn’t see anymore of Grey-eyes till later. I felt that all the other managers were really really nice, so I will say that Grey-eyes was pretty much the black sheep in the fleet or the bad egg in the basket. Why would I say so? There is more to it, but I am going to tell you this in a chronological order.

I made friends really really fast. The RC part-timer banquet waitresses were really friendly, especially those under TCC (the agency I am under) and we became good friends really fast. The people who were harder to get along with were the in-house banquet waiters/waitresses which were usually older and thus, by extrapolation, more experienced.

They didn’t seem to like any of the agency-based part-timers.

That was what Auntie Poh Siew (is that her name? I can’t remember so well) told me anyway. Auntie Poh Siew was one of the nicest people there, and we had so much fun talking about banquets and experience that it felt like there was no age-gap between us at all, even though she was almost 30 plus years older than me!

Anyways, Auntie Poh Siew said that the in-house banquet waiter, this Grumpy old man, had this “chou lian” which means unfriendly look all day like someone owes him money like that. Which was quite true, as I observed Grumpy for a while and he really did look very grouchy. Auntie said that it was because he dislikes all the agency based banquet workers as he find us inexperienced and thus annoying. I can’t confirm that, since I just steered clear of Grumpy after that and tried not to get in his way. At least for me anyway, he didn’t tell me off or anything, just gave me a few grumpy stares every now and then, which I totally didn’t mind, since, despite all, looks can’t really kill. Not grumpy ones at least.

That day was less of a banquet and more of a buffet (yeah, buffet again) for this atas conference that some company was doing. I can’t remember the company and I can’t remember the name of the conference, all I remembered was that amongst the people who went, there were roughly 30% Caucasians, 30% Chinese, 20% Indians and Malays me thinks, and the rest must be Japanese.

I also remember them eating a lot.

Like when I started work, they were having this tea session thingy for breakfast, where they were served this delicious table full of expensive looking pastries, bread, jam and cookies. I swore that the sight of the greasy looking pastries made me so hungry that it felt like the banana wrap I ate that morning just vanished from my stomach.

Then after a couple of hours, they had a lunch session.

I suppose after that they might have another tea session, but I can’t really be sure since I was allocated to another floor by then.

Anyway to cut my extremely long story short, I learnt something, and that is the fact that as a worker, you are always wrong.

Why do I say that?

It is like in the banquet, there felt like there was this slight lack of coordination between the many different banquet managers. Like the first one would tell me to stand by the door and open it whenever someone wants to go in.

Whilst I was doing that, another one came to me and told me to remove the side barricades so that the people can sit down. So I did that.

When I went back to my door post, the first one came to me and asked me where I went, which I told him honestly. He was like, “Which guy? Who told you to do that?”

Which was quite an annoying question because how would I know which guy? Seriously, I hadn’t been there for more than 2 hours, and there must be 100 over guests and some 20 plus waitresses not counting the managers, how could I remember?

So I was like, “An Indian man with some tag around his neck.”

And the male manager now interrogating me went like, “Bring me to him.”

We went to the spot where the Indian dude was last spotted, and obviously he wasn’t there. I mean, he won’t just be standing there all day, would he?

So the male manager, whom I shall affectionately call Sherbin (not his name), told me skeptically, “Okay…but now you stand by the door and don’t go anywhere okay!”

“Okay.” I said, shrugging.

Haha, so actually this kind of things didn’t just happen to me, it happened to Auntie Poh Siew too and she was also grouching about it to me. She was saying something about the managers giving different bits and pieces of instructions and when things don’t turn out the way they want, they just scold her. Which is like so poor thing, because she is really hardworking, responsible and cheerful.

Anyways during this briefing that we had, manager Sherbin pointed out that my bun and hair was too fluffy, like it had too much flyaways. And then he also pointed to this girl called Su Hua (from China) that she never did her make-up. The conversation is mildly hilarious, I mean, if you were to picture this 20 plus years old man trying to tell girls to do their hair and make-up. Hee.

Sherbin: Why you never do your make-up?!
Suhua: Huh? Oh I do later.
Sherbin: No, go do it now, go to the toilet.
Suhua: Later.
Sherbin: No! Now! It is compulsory to do make-up you know! *gave her the once-over* Go do it now. And you! (referring to me) Go and do your hair!


It was freaking funny heehee.

Anyways, me and Suhua went to the toilet, where I found out that she DIDN’T have make-up apart from a lipstick, so I lent her my powder and eye-shadow, only for her to tell me she had NEVER done make-up before.


I did her make-up for her, a simple one, and she was complaining about how her eyes felt so strained from that little bit of eye-shadow and mascara and “can I please rub it off?”. See, I knew that my make-up lessons in high school would come in useful someday.

It was also funny when she started complaining non-stop about how having to make-up is absolutely dumb because a lot of hotels like Pan Pacific and whatnots did not need their waitress to make unnecessary investments in make-up, but too but it was RC and RC liked people looking good.

And then whilst I was trying to glue my hair to my scalp using water, she told me about how she had to gel her fly-aways down the previous day using Sherbin’s hair gel (I almost typed hell gell, HEE), and she had to pay him FIFTY CENTS.

Lesson learnt: everything in a hotel costs money.

So Suhua and I became really close from the hair-and-makeup experience and we formed this clique thing with this other Chinese girl called Yanan (who also didn’t look like she wore make-up), Aunty Poh Siew and Aunty Shu Hua. It was fun to have a clique, even if it was just for that day.

Anyhoos, later on, we had to clear all the pastries and cookies from the morning tea and bring it in the kitchen (where I was told that it would ALL be dumped, yes). We weren’t supposed to eat any, so I didn’t dare to (yet) and Suhua stole one, ate it…and was caught by the houseman (let’s call him Sam) who asked her if she was tired of working and wanted to go straight home.

Suhua was damn pissed off because she says it was just one cake and they are all going to be thrown away anyway, so what was the difference? But oh wells, Sam might either be really telling her off or teasing her because…

The next moment he asked me if I wanted to eat it.

Like the food.

That was before Suhua told us about him telling her off for eating, but thank god I was really busy at that moment and I just shook my head.

Auntie Poh Siew was discussing with me and Suhua why the difference in treatment and Auntie’s conclusion was that he “kan wo shun yan”, which basically meant that he didn’t find me annoying. Then Suhua whined, “More like she (me) is pretty and I am not!”

To me, she said, “You are so pretty, see that’s why he treats you nicely! Hrrrmph.”

Auntie Poh Siew said something that mirrored her opinion that I was fairly good looking. By then I couldn’t hear anything else they were saying but the fact that HEY I WAS PRETTY!!

I was happy and bounced around for the rest of the morning.

Before that delightful morning ended, Suhua or someone came to tell me that our dear manager Sherbin praised my make-up, asking the others why they can’t do make-up like me to look good like that. Which of course was interpreted by me as a praise of how good looking I was, because, yunno, I am just that shallow. Puhahahah.

I felt pretty happy till after lunch, where I became really sleepy.

And also for the fact that Grey eyes made a come-back.

Post-lunch, I was assigned to level two, where I was very very alien to. When I reached there, I was relieved to see some of my previous comrades (but not in my clique) there and I quickly went over to ask them what I had to do.

That when Grey-eyes came.

The moment she saw me, she glared and me and went, “Don’t stand together and don’t talk to each other. Go clear the dishes.”

Which was like, okay, but the only problem was that there was no dishes to clear because no one had came out from the meeting yet, apart from one or two.

So I stood by a corner to see who was finishing their food. Grey-eye came over to tell me off again,

“Don’t just stand there! Walk around and look around!”

Okie. I get the general feeling that she is very buay song with me (meaning she doesn’t like me) but that wasn’t confirmed till much later.

That evening was probably pretty bad, partly because I was so extremely tired and exhausted, and partly because it was my first time wearing my new court shoes, so the area where the feet and the edge of the courtshoes met were swollen from friction. My toes were badly pinched and my legs were cramping from the long hours of standing.

In total, I sat down for less than one and half hours that whole 12 hour.

I wasn’t that upset because I was so tired. I was more upset because I was repeatedly blamed for not knowing what exactly to do when nobody told me anything. I was especially disgruntled with Grey-eyes because she had this skill of distorting my words to make me seem lazy, horrible and EXTRA.

It was like that:

That evening I was super extremely happy to run into Kieran, who is Sluggy Sophia’s classmate from our JC. I was staring at him all the way through my dinner because he looked bloody familiar, to the extent that whilst I was concentrated on staring at him, I accidentally dipped my thumb into my bubur hitam.


I supposed at some point Kieran probably felt this creepy stare (me!) that kept following him around, because he seemed ill-at-ease. But again, it might be uh my active imagination.

Later on, I was assigned to this group that was all GUYS and hohoho! Guess who was there? Kieran!

I managed to glimpse his name tag this time and I finally decided to ask him:

“Are you from HC?”

Kieran: *surprised face* “Yeah!”

Me, “Are you from Sophia’s class? S79?”

Kieran: *eyebrows went even higher* “Yeah! How did you know!”

Me, “Coz she told me lots about you!” *starts laughing uncontrollably because I remember all the funny things Sophia said*

Yeah, so the evening became more fun after that because finally! Someone to talk to and someone who knows what I was yakking about.

You are probably wondering why I am saying all this, and how is this even relevant to Grey-eyes? Don’t worry, that is coming, like now.

There was this point of time where I had finished doing everything I had to do, and no one came to tell me what to do, so I thought I would make myself useful by seeing what the others were doing and helping them so that I don’t just slack around, you know?

I went over to the adjacent room where all the boys from my group were moving chairs from one room to another, and I asked how I could help. They said thanks, but they were almost done, apart from the last stack that Kieran was moving. So I just kind of helped him to steady the chairs because it was stacked a little high and wobbled a bit when it was wheeled around.

Fine, that wasn’t doing much, but hey, I was really trying to be helpful right?

So whilst Kieran and I were happily wheeling the chairs into the next room, Grey-eyes came around. I knew that nothing good can ever come out whenever I see her, so I tried not to make eye-contact.

Too bad that didn’t help.

She saw me helping with the chairs, and she said in this loud, carrying and very shrill voice,


So I was like, “Oh, I saw the chairs wobble when it is being moved so I thought I would steady it.”

Translation: I really didn’t know what to do, since no one tells me, so I just tried to make myself helpful.

To that she gave me this really really annoying glare, and continue to say in this shrill voice of hers,


So I hurried to explain myself, “I am trying to help out because I haven’t been assigned to the next task yet.”

Guess what she screamed next?



I am sorry, but whaaaaaaaaatttt?!?
Which part of my statement stated that I was “very free” and “so free”?!? It would have been fine if she just told me what to do, or she asked someone else to tell me what to do, in a professional manner. 
Not in that screechy, word-warping manner.
I think Sherbin must have ignored her because I couldn’t hear his reply to her screechy statement. Good for Sherbin.
Anyways, I just get the feeling that Grey-eyes cannot see eye to eye with me, which is perfectly okay since I don’t like her that much either.
Later on, around 8pm or so whilst I was setting up some function room, I heard Grey-eyes behaving loudly and unabashedly outside the room, which of course added to my irritation.
I felt like for that evening, Kieran was probably the God-sent salvation because it would have been a hundred more times more terrible if he wasn’t around to distract me from Grey-eyes. It was super fun to gossip about other people, even if the person I was gossiping with is a guy. Unlike most other males, he was easy to talk to and honestly quite funny.
When my shift ended at 8pm, we went to the cafeteria to chill out and complain more about Grey-eyes. Bwahahaha. That was really fun.
Kieran said that Ritz’s cafeteria was good, at least better than Mice Sentosa because unlike Ritz’s whole array of drinks, Mice only had bandung and something else. I can’t remember, arghs. 
The things I liked most about my Ritz Carlton experience is probably in the list below:

  1. My coworkers are really damn nice
  2. My managers are generally really nice and friendly, Grey-eyes aside. I don’t think it would be fair to label my experience as bad just because of one person, and besides, our lives will always have such people, right?
  3. Ritz Carlton is very luxurious and beautiful, so the environment is awesome.
  4. I liked some of the guests, they were really polite, friendly and nice to serve.
  5. I actually rather liked the banquet uniform, despite it being a little large for me.
  6. I was called pretty many times. HAHAHAHA! YEAH MAN!
All right all right, so in all, it wasn’t too bad, now that I think about it in a more impartial light. I heard from Auntie Poh Siew that Grey-eyes was like that to almost everyone because she also used to be a banquet waitress (full timer), and she switched to sales/marketing and then got promoted. So I guess her un-nicety was just because she was really proud of her promotion? Oh wells.
Anyhoos, if you guys are considering being a banquet waitress/waiter, my tip to you is the following points:
  • You will always be blamed for things that may not be your fault. Live with it, really.
  • Your superior is always right, even when they may not seem so logically.
  • When different superiors give you different bits of instruction, try to clarify. If you can’t, then listen to the one who is more aggressive (HA!), so if you get scolded, at least it won’t be that bad!
HAHAHA I am a genius! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
All right maybe not. But I know you guys like reading about my experiences in banqueting, don’t lie! I have so many people asking about it and asking how to sign up! I will write about the benefits of waitressing more in my next post!
Have you read my post about Raffles Hotel yet? If not, catch it here!

Till next post, toodles!

First Day at Raffles Hotel

Actually my first day was at Ritz Carlton. But the experience was not that fantastic, so I thought I would blog about that later on, and write about my better experience first!

So this morning I went to Raffles Hotel at Cityhall to work as a part-time waitress at their Bar and Billiard Room (BBR) which serves buffet breakfast and lunch. I woke up at five am, I took the first available bus to the MRT station and still ended up being later than my charge because well, work started too early at 7am.

When my charge, Ting Neng (who is actually a guy, but I kept just assuming him to be a girl) called me I was still at Tanjong Pagar. So poor Ting Neng was snoozing on the stairs by the time I reached, and I think I was about 7 min late in meeting him.

There was a bit of complications in getting our passes settled because we were called down on an ad hoc basis and they didn’t print our tables in time, but thank god it all turned out fine, so hee, I am not gonna elaborate much.

Instead, I can’t help but keep comparing Ritz Carlton to Raffles Hotel.

I know many of you would disapprove of it, because you know, after all, each hotel is really different and they always have their pros and cons, so we really shouldn’t be so judgey. That’s what I tried telling myself, but I had this tiny commentator in my head that kept up a running commentary on everything I was experiencing, like those narrators in a documentary.

I felt like I was doing a documentary on “Waitress Experience in Singapore Hotels”.

Anyhoos, foremost I was impressed by Raffles Hotel when we were actually given our own lockers to put our belongings and lock it. We were also promptly reminded by the security guard that loss of keys would cost us 15 bucks.

Yeah, it was a mercenary world.

The reason why I was so impressed with the locker is because at Ritz, we kind of just dump all our bags in this shelf in this office where we sign in and sign out. Whilst there is this office lady there to kind of “protect” our belongings, it is still risky because I went into that room THRICE to retrieve various items from my bag and she never even turned her head to see who.

I mean, I could have been a snoopy snoop. Right?

My locker!

I was so damned impressed to have MY OWN LOCKER (bolded and underlined to expressed my uncontrollable joy) that I had to take a picture of it.

Yeah, so that means I can safely dump all my stuff inside whilst I work.

Secondly, I like Raffles Hotel’s BBR uniform much more than Ritz’s banquet uniform.

I know that is not suppose to be a main point, since you know, we are really just clearing dishes and not doing anything else, but I really like the color of BBR uniform. It looks like a simpler type of air-stewardess uniform, those brownish gold in color.

Since I am not sure whether I can post a picture of the uniform without being sued, I sketched out how it looks!

Raffles Hotel BBR uniform

I sketched and colored it on my iPad, so naturally it looks badly done, since I have a free-and-therefore-lousy stylus. Bahahaha.

Okay, maybe it looks kind of crappy here, but it really looked quite nice (on me). Hee hee, thick-skinned much.

Working at BBR was extremely exhausting, even more so than doing banquet at Ritz because I feel like Ritz was over-staffed on that particular day so there weren’t too much to do. At Raffles’ BBR, I was walking around clearing dishes almost every minute when the breakfast crowd came in, and my feet hurt as much as it did after 10 hours at Ritz.

The manager at Raffles BBR was just as strict and scary as the one at Ritz, but I kind of like her.

The reason is that, when she told me off, it was in a professional manner. She kind of instructed me to do dishes clearing, but then the other regular staff told me to do the table set up as well, and the customers really don’t know or care what your job scope is, so they would tell you to get them juice.

So when I complied and went to get the customer her juice (or was it English Breakfast tea?), my manager happened to pass by and went like, “What are you doing here?”

I was pretty frightened at the moment because she has a very strict face. The fact that her eyebrows were drawn in this fierce arc didn’t help to make her look any friendlier.

So I told her that I was asked by the guest to get them drink. She told me to stick to my job scope of clearing dishes and make someone else to get the drink, which is like, okay, fair enough.

(You can read about my experience with the slightly less professional “telling off” I got from my Ritz manager in a separate post.)

But since I carried on doing everything she told me to do, she didn’t keep on looking displeased with me (cough, unlike some). In fact, she became quite friendly after a while, and was actually quite nice. I suppose being stern is necessary in her jobscope since she is in authority after all~

I also liked another senior staff, who is a non-Chinese (sorry I am not very good at telling apart ethnicity) who was really really nice and encouraging, albeit in a way I found awkward. Because I did what she told me to do without her having to keep repeating her instructions, she was happy and said “Very good girl” which made me quite happy. Hee.

I am so easy to please.

I actually also overheard her telling another staff that she found me very good (but I might have hallucinated it), and that “the other boy arh…haiyo”.

Speaking of the other boy, let’s call him uhhh Shawn? I have no idea what his real name is.

Shawn wasn’t a very good dish-clearing partner to be working with. Especially not when you are in court shoes that are a size too small for your feet.

Silent Shawn looked blur half the time and stood immobile by the bar table for majority of the first half of the breakfast rush. It is like, I would be tottering past him three times to clear two tables at a go and he would still be standing there, like an awkward statue.

Maybe that’s why the senior staff was always telling him what to do.

He isn’t annoying in the sense that he deliberately slacks off. It was annoying in the sense that when I was so busy clearing things, he just stood there looking dazed and calm even when I passed by him thrice.

It is like, even when he is clearing the table, he does it slowly.

Which clashes so badly with the speedy-speed of the restaurant that sometimes I feel like shaking him hard to make him do things faster.

After a while (like a really long while, perhaps 3 hours later), he finally got less confused and less dazed and started doing things with more haste. But then there was another problem.

He doesn’t talk. To me.

See, it is not that I desperately wanted to talk to him. He is not that attractive, It is that when you are clearing tables together, sometimes you will ask something related to that matter, and he doesn’t reply, so I found it kind of irritating (like very act like that).

Me: “Where are the smaller forks?”
Shawn: *shakes both hands in the air to signal don’t have*

I mean, you could have just said “don’t have” loudly and clearly, I mean, I was focusing on clearing the dishes, who would have the time to look up and figure out, oh look, he is waggling his hands, he says there are no more small forks.

So we just worked in this sullen silence with me asking questions in a somewhat impatient tone at times, and him doing his pantomime. Then I realized another thing that niggled at me again.

He put very few items onto his tray.

Granted, the silver tray (I actually believe that it is real silver) is extremely heavy even when there is nothing on it. It is like those kind of things where you get arm-sore from supporting just from raising it in the air for a minute without even moving around.

But there was so much to clear, and he put so little on his tray when he walks back to the bar (to deposit the dirty plates etc), when he walked back I would have cleared the rest. A much heavier load.

Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little. See, I am rather disgruntled with him over all (not because he is a Sullen & Silent Shawn) but because everything he did kind of annoyed me. Like how in my busiest moments I caught him sneaking behind the bar to chat with his friend. Like what-the-hey man!

Okay, Sullen Shawn aside.

It was weird because none of my co-workers would speak to me.

I dunno why, did I look like an alien with grey contact lenses today?

Like the 4 of them were definitely a group, because I saw them coming in together in the morning when I was settling the pass-issue, and they were pretty happy around each other. And they were my age ( I think), so I was mildly happy that I would have some friends to talk to.

But, nope.

None of them spoke to me, not even in work related stuff. The only girl I spoke to and spoke to me was the one who was managing the coffee/tea/juice side of the bar.

It would go like that:

Me: One coffee, one English breakfast and one orange juice.
Her: *repeats my order* Okay.

And that was about it. The one who was clearing out the dishes from the bar counter didn’t say anything to me at all. Even though at the start I thanked her each time she took the dirty plates from me. Then I grew tired of being too friendly and just worked silently. Fine, I was grumbling to myself.

I was really glad when it was time for break because damn, my feet were again swollen and painful by that time. I was shown to the cafeteria by this other co-worker who was friendlier, but not friendly enough to eat with me.

Sighs. It was a lonely meal.

I loved the cafeteria though! Too bad I didn’t take any photos to show you all.

The cafeteria wasn’t air-conditioned, but it was really posh. Like the arrangement, the furnishing, the tables and chairs resembled that of a restaurant-cafe, and the food was actually quite nice. I had fried wanton, Tofu and some green veggies. The wanton was too hard and too much (each one was given 2), and I ate less than one of them. The tofu was nice. There was a salad bar with fresh clean and juicy looking vegetable mixture, as well as ham, raisins, tuna or chicken I couldn’t tell and strwaberry jam. There was also fresh fruits along with a chopping board and fruit knife for one to cut up the fruits. The drinks counter had as many drinks as Ritz did, one machine serving 5 types of soft-drinks and the other hot drinks like coffee, latte, mocha and Milo.

We all know what I chose.


I love Milo. It is so yummy, sweet and the aroma is irresistible.

I was absolutely delighted to find the Milo of a good concentration and taste, wayyyyy better than Ritz’s Milo that didn’t even smelled like Milo. Ritz’s Milo tasted like milo-flavoured water, till the last mouthful that tasted a bit better.

And the soup of the day was pretty awesome too. It was lotus and peanut soup that was really well cooked and delicious, and there was an alternative choice that I couldn’t remember. I drank all the yummy soup with my yummy food. o^.^/o ( <– happy face, haha)

Ritz’s Sze Chuan spicy soup tasted like someone added half a gallon of hot water to one packet of vegetable pickles. It wasn’t spicy. It wasn’t salty. It wasn’t anything. There wasn’t much taste. It was healthy.

And since I loved raisins, I took some vegetable salad to eat with my raisins and stawberry jam. It was also very delicious. I shall not again complain about Ritz’s salad.

Anyway, I just love the Raffles’ cafeteria. Muhahaha.

After lunch I was posted to work at Tiffin room, which was another atas looking restaurant that had quite few people eating in it. I had to change from that goldish-brown outfit to another…

Tiffin Room uniform 

Yeah I drew it on my iPad again! I thought it looked good when I didn’t colour, the colour made it look amateurish hehe.

The Tiffin room uniform is really nice! It was really troublesome to wear though.

See, there is first a shirt. But I was lazy to take out my singlet, so I wore that underneath.

After the shirt there is a vest.

You have to button all the way to the neck and tie a tie (real tie, not the put-head-thru-tie tie) which I got an auntie to help me with. Then the tiny green triangle near the chest area is a fake hanky thing to put in the chest or breast (?) pocket. With grey fitting pants.

I was sweating bullets by the time I reached the Tiffin room, which thank god had really strong air-con.

I didn’t do so much in the Tiffin room, I mainly sorted out the cutlery and carried the dirty dishes to the kitchen for washing. Then I spent half an hour polishing about 80 or more teapots of various sizes. All made in silver, I think, since they were really really heavy.

What made me like Raffles so much is that the senior staff and the people who were managing me were really nice. Like the lady who called me “good girl”, she was one of the nicest there. She kept reminding me to sign out when I leave because otherwise I won’t get paid. The aunties there were really nice, like the ones who were washing the dishes in the kitchen behind Tiffin room. Okay actually all the regular staff were really nice and friendly.

There was this Indian guy I ran into when I was looking for the cafeteria. I was actually outside the cafeteria but I kept thinking it was a restaurant (it looked that posh) and he was like, “yes this is the cafeteria”. He even gave me the directions to the lift so that I won’t get lost after lunch. So nice. ^^

The auntie at the uniform room was really nice too, she helped me change my uniform when it couldn’t fit properly, and was really patient in finding the right size. Basically, every staff inside the hotel made my part-time job there a rather fabulous experience.

When I was leaving, I ran into this super hot girl in the locker room.

Like, extremely boyish-hot kind of girl.

She had her hair cut short like the popular men cut now, with the sides short and the top longer.

When I was changing my courtshoes to sneakers, she plopped herself down in this chair a few down from mine and spoke to me,

“You work in the Tiffin room?”

“Yeah! How did you know?”

She smiled mysteriously.

“Are you based on agency too?” I asked.

“Nope, I work here full-time.” she said with that really cool, nonchalant wave of her hands.

“Is it very tiring?” I asked.

“Of course!” she said with a roll of her eyes, but it wasn’t your usual annoying roll. It’s that kind of really cool and blase way that made me like her even more.

“Yeah I once worked 12 hours in a go and nearly died.” I recounted.

“12 hours? I do that too, not so bad what.”

In all, I like her. She is friendly, DAMN cool and really nice. Like if there is a cool meter and all the people who wear crop-tops with words like “GEEK” and “NERD” on them think they are 10/10 cool, this girl can probably be 100/10 by just sitting down in her boyish manner and rolling her eyes. At the “GEEK”s and “NERD”s.

Bahahaha, I sound like a crazy fan girl.

I am not.

I just like friendly people, and those effortlessly cool people.


Will be blogging about Ritz Carlton next (it will be much longer), when my left arm doesn’t hurt as much. I feel like waitressing has changed the wellness of my left arm for good. :<

Ritz Carlton: Banquet Waitress

Yes!!! I finally have lots of inspiration to write this blog after almost 2 years worth of brain damage caused by too much studying that killed all the funny cells in me.

Anyhoo, I realized something damn sad, which is that according to some website that helps weigh the value of your blog, the value of my blog (aka this blog) has dropped by 64 FREAKING PERCENT.

I am not even exaggerating.

But, since I can’t help the fact that people don’t find sponsored posts interesting and thus gave up reading this blog that sometimes have a surplus of sponsored posts (com’on, I find sponsored posts an annoyance to read too!), I can only write more interesting posts to tell you about my very interesting life.

For instance, I am going to be working at Ritz Carlton soon as a banquet waitress.

Yes, seriously. And I can’t wait for my job to start post training because I have been wanting to work in a hotel almost all my life. I like the ambiance in hotels, and I especially like Ritz Carlton since I read about it in Xiaxue’s blog and it sounds like such a wonderful place.

Charmy told me that being a banquet waitress is going to be horrifyingly tiring, a news that took the edge off my high and sobered me up a little bit. But hey, working in a hotel is still going to be much more fun than working in Mac, where you earn a minimum wage of about 5 bucks per hour.

Not to mention that hotels are so much classier.

Anyway, I went down for my job interview yesterday, which was less of an interview and more of an information session to let me know more about the job requirements etc. It was simply awesome.

Basically, I could choose between three locations, which are mainly: Cityhall, Orchard Road and Sentosa. I was originally assigned to work at Four Seasons hotel with this other girl that came at the same time, but the problem was that Four Seasons is at Orchard, which is even further from my house than Cityhall. Imagine the amount of busfare that I have to pay each day. *shudders in horror*

Anyway, I told my person in charge that I would prefer Cityhall since it is nearer, and she swapped me into Ritz Carlton, which had me dancing with joy since hey! It is a hotel I have heard of!!!

I kinda wish that the other girl would be swapped into Ritz too, since she is rather nice, friendly and full of smiles. I wouldn’t mind having her as a friend hehe. I mean, Cityhall is probably nearer for her too, since I caught her saying that she lived at Woodlands.

Anyhoos, we were given this paper with the requirements for working as a banquet waitress, which roughly includes:

  • No fringe around the face
  • Use hair gel to secure fly-aways
  • Use hair net to secure hair bun (only if your bun is messy)
  • Wear formal leather shoes (actually they say fabric flats is also fine)
  • Formal black pants
  • No outrageously dyed hair colours (Thank god I never had the money)
  • Black socks above ankles
All of them sounded pretty reasonable to me. My only worry is the hair bun, since I have LOTS of hair and tying it into a bun has almost always given me a headache. 🙁
Andddd, I get to work the late night shift at Mice Sentosa for three days during New Year, which I thought was rather awesome.
The girl with me got assigned to work at the CASINO at Sentosa since she is older than 21, and damn! I want to work in a casino! It pays really well, like 12 per hour and all she has to do is to push a food trolley around! 
I managed to get my formal black pants from Clementi’s BHG at $29.90 and court shoes at $19 from Chinatown muahahah. I thought I got a good bargain since I checked the prices of similar looking shoes from everywhere and they cost at least $50. Hee~
You realized this thing about getting a job: you have to spend a lot of money before you even earn any, which is kinda sad for me, since all I left now is about $20.
Now that we are all paying adult transport fares (which sucks big time, since I don’t even earn that much yet), Sluggy has to pay almost $100 per month on transport. I bet myself as well, since travelling from Bukit Batok to Cityhall is no joke.
Which means I have to strategize: I should try to travel less and work longer hours at each go, rather than going down more often. 
Anyways, Bryan just annoyed me on whatsapp with his comments on my new job. I mean, haven’t we all learnt: don’t give comments unless they are nice comments? Sometimes I feel like Bryan is the antithesis of such. Anyway, our texts went like that:
Me: I got another job today and I am planning to rest well before I start slogging 😀
Bryan: What job sia?
Me: Banquet waitress
Bryan: Whut
Me: It’s nice what
*no replies to today evening*
Bryan: Sounds erm…wrong
Me: Why would it sound wrong lol. It is a very normal job.
Foremost, it is annoying because there is nothing remotely wrong with being a banquet waitress. It is a perfectly legitimate job. It is not like I am being a SPG, an escort or something of that kind. Besides, it is in a perfectly good environment, aka a FIVE STAR HOTEL. I am not even being a waitress in a pub, a night club or a bar, even though that one pays about $12 per hour? (not sure)
Thus, I feel like I am righteously pissed off, because for people who are born into this world with a silver spoon in their mouths, they can choose to slack away their holidays (prior to enlistment, which actually makes their slacking almost forgivable, too. Urgh) 
Nowadays, I feel like I have very little patience for those who like to comment without thinking it through. I know that there are those who appreciate their “frankness” and “honesty”, but come on! There is this line between being frank and being an insensitive wart.
Poor Denyse is working at an Italian restaurant at Raffles Place, and she told me that it is really tiring. 
See, this is what I mean. It is so easy to comment on people’s job, but it is actually very hard to persevere on in a job, especially those that are more tedious such as in the service and retail sectors. 
Oh yes, another part of the conversation with him also annoyed me mildly.
The way he spelled “what” as “whut”.
It is like, for the life of me, I cannot understand why people would deliberately misspell what with a “u” instead of an “a”. It changes the feeling of the world completely. I would demonstrate via two instances:
Scenario 1:
Person 1: I am three months pregnant!
Person 2: What?!
Scenario 2:
Person 1: I am three months pregnant!
Person 2: Whut?!
SEE WHAT I MEAN. “Whut” and “What” has two completely different tones and emotions. The latter (meaning the normal one) is an expression of surprise or shock without any literal implication of condescension. The former (meaning the misspelled one) has this tinge of impatience, derision and almost disgust. It is like, I am so stunned that I have to purposely misspell an extremely easy word just to express my inner most feeling of astonishment and horror. Rawr.
I myself use the annoying “Whut” deliberately to annoy people at times. Especially when they misspell it first. Ha. Imagine a conversation that goes:
Person 1: Whut’s wong wif u
Person 2: Nuffink
Person 1: U sur
Person 2: Yea lol
Person 1: Oh ok…
Person 2: WHUT
Person 1: Whut whut?
Person 2: Whut whut whut?
Person 1: Whut whut whut whut?

My suggestion is that if someone likes to misspell everything when typing a whatsapp message to you (SMS is different, since it costs money for some) and they like to spell “you” as “u” and “with” as “wif”, ignore the dude or dudette. Can you imagine a person being too lazy to move even an extra few centimeters to type in a properly spelled word??

OH YES I have another thing to complain about. Which is about those who are forever complaining or saying that they cannot find jobs and that they are so envious of those who have jobs. And then when you tell them that jobs aren’t actually delivered to their houses by a postman knocking on their doors, they say this annoying line,

“I want to find a job that I can fully dedicate myself to. One that I am passionate in. I don’t want to earn money for the sake of earning money. I want to do it for my own interest.”

Which is like, okay, perfectly logical. But it is the way they say it: like they are above you since they are hinting that they are looking for a career or some crazy passion that they always have (and can potentially earn them billions, god knows) whilst you are working as a (not) miserable part-timer.

Earn money for the sake of earning money? I am betting that half the population are doing that. Not everyone gets the job of their dreams, which is why sometimes, what you study in University and what you do is ultimately different. Your parents are probably also doing that to bring you up.

Okay, enough of my annoyance-fueled rambling. My whole point is, just don’t be a spoilsport when others get a new job. I mean, it is perfectly fine if you don’t want to do whatever that your friend is going to be doing, just don’t go and rain on other people’s parade. Also, keep the deep philosophies you have to yourself, or your blog (like I do) since people have a choice of whether they want to read it or not.

I am pretty glad that Max was quite positive when I told him that I was part-timing as a banquet waitress even though he said he was feeling down at that moment. I was literally scream-typing into whatsapp, which admittedly, can be kinda freaky. Anyways, I was kind of glad that I have someone to share it with, heh.

Anyways, I am secretly wishing that Denyse would transfer from the restaurant sector to the hotel sector after her contract is up, so that I would have a friend to work together with haha. It would be more fun and less scary.

Oh right, I was supposed to have another interview today for a job in the marketing/sales and public relationships department of an electronics company, but I ended up cancelling because the person sounded kind of shady…like meeting in Chinatown? Weird.

Actually I have something else to write about, but I kind of lost my train of thoughts…never mind, till next post! Keep reading, kay?