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10th April. It is my birthday today and I am going to take out a portion of time to update this withering blog on the many many happy things that have happened to me over this period of time so that one day when I grow old and have dementia, I can still read back on these fond fond memories.

Firstly, I got a surprise birthday cake from my skating teammates! Omg, it is such a wonderful magical moment (yes, I almost cried, why am I such a crybaby eh?) because I expected a prank rather than a cake. Heh. The funniest part was I didn’t know they changed it from Monday (which ZN accidentally let slip) to Friday…so being me, I didn’t go to school on Friday in order to catch up on assignments. Meh who was supposed to lure me to school, freaked out because imagine – everyone was already there waiting with the cake and ready to spring into action and there was me being a fat lumpy potato at home. I am a very very blessed and happy potato indeed.

Look at my noob face there. The happiest thing was to see my team peeps after such a long long time – barely anyone comes for practice anymore due to busy schedules, and to see them there was like this contented and happy family reunion. Anyhoos, they got me a carrot cake because they said I was a rabbit (an evil one, emphasized QY) which is like okay. *waves carrot in the air like a gun*

After our happy cake munching, someone went like, “How much are we each suppose to pay for the cake?” which was really funny because Nick who bought the cake, went like, “Oh right, let us just – you know – count the costs now because that is totally not inappropriate.” You have got to love how utterly hilarious and diva-like Nick is sometimes.


My favourite people!

Prior to this, I actually spotted Joyce first with Zining, and I was quite funny now that I look at it from hindsight. I was like, “Hey isn’t that Joycelyn? Hey she is hanging out with ZN, why ah?” I was telling Meh that and trying to wave and catch Joycelyn’s attention. It never occurred to me that they were meeting there! *squeals* These cute wonderful people. *Pulls everyone into a BIG BEAR HUG*

Rabbit Ying loves you all.



Oh look! Half eaten goodness!

Actually, what I was most touched by wasn’t just the cake but the whole amount of effort that went into planning this entire thing and how everyone made it despite the hectic schedules and the threat of the final exams. It was such a wonderful feeling just to sit there and look at everyone’s beaming faces and glow in my own bubble of happiness. I didn’t talk much throughout the whole session – just felt really happy and contented to sit with them feeling like nothing could go wrong in this moment.


“Today is her birthday, so today she is always right. Don’t argue.” ~ Demi

Then today my student Demi brought this to me for my birthday. Omg. Once again, I was wayyyy more touched by the fact that she remembers and the whole amount of effort she put into this (to the extent that she was late for class and I was wondering if she was coming) than the cakes themselves. Even more touching was the fact that her lips were pale as sheet and she had lost her voice but she came anyway just for this. I know I know, my whole heart was like trembling with emotions and whilst hugging her I realized how utterly blessed and fortunate I am to have friends that care about you like this. Demi had always been there for me whenever I cried and stuff, and to some extent we were more like friends than anything else ~


Behold the missing cupcake. Number one adorable award goes to Demi who went, “I am kinda hungry actually. Can I eat one of them? :D” Candidness at its best – totally adorable. Did I mention that the cakes came along with two cutest flags reading “Happy Birthday!” and also candles? *hops around happily*

Okay that’s the end of my birthday happiness rant. Let’s come to other happy stuff. Omg. Like food.

I have been having such delicious food recently that I am going to grow morbidly obese, fall into a drain and be unable to get out of it. Dang. I love Astons (see below) and on Tuesday, YX came to NUS to eat lunch with me and we went to PC commons to do work…but really she did work whilst I slept like a pig. I love sleep. Sleep is awesome and wonderful. And I was so contented sleeping because it was nice and cold and I had my snuggly jacket so I snuggled in it and lolled around on the table sleeping in the most un-glamorous fashion possible. Afterwards we went to meet QY, Meh and YL at Clementi where they thought we were going to eat, but we didn’t since we had delicious and fattening Astons already. QY ate my favourite ramen at clementi food court and gave it only a 6/10 whereas I had given it a 8/10. Qy has them gourmet tastebuds – note to self, must not intro second-rate food to him. Hehe.



I love fries and potato salad. Oh yums.


YX’s buttered corn. For someone so tiny, she managed to eat it all.

Some time before this we had another fabulous outing. We went to Pet Expo! Very exciting. I look terrible as usual in the picture below as I always do in all group pictures. Oh wells, it’s okay. Plastic surgery is of course always -albeit barely affordable – option.


Did anyone notice that YX and Meh look like sisters?

There were super lot of cute dogs and rabbits at the pet expo…and quite some pee here and there so we had to step around carefully to prevent goldmines. Hehe. We ate wanton mee there which tasted better than normal because I was really quite hungry and afterwards we went to Popular fair. I secretly wanted to go Body Shop fair even though I know I won’t buy anything, but hey I like looking at things with discounted prices! It was super fun. Afterwards we headed to Changi Mall or something? Can’t remember. I don’t like that mall, it is kinda weird and alien to me and has nothing substantial inside. It had a baby spa, which Meh says makes no sense because babies experience no stress and therefore do not need spas. I have to agree with that because I am definitely more stressed than a baby is, and I don’t get any spas. *turns green with envy, just kidding*

That night we wanted to eat Santouka with QY and JY, but then the one-for-one offer had problems, so we went to Chabuton instead and my is their broth salty. Nonetheless I still like it because I like ramen. Interestingly, I do not like Chashu as much, although I am okay with it if it is just a single slice. Anything more than one slice is way disgusting because it is simply too much chashu for a non-chashu lover.


Chabuton Tonkatsu Ramen


Personally I prefer Clementi’s ramen. At a cheaper price and nearer destination, I would pick it. Also because it is less salty. Besides, can you even tell any significant difference between the two ramens? I can’t. Heh.

I also tried MacCafe’s macaroons. Apart from the pink raspberry ones that I don’t really like, I am surprised that it is actually pretty yummy! Like wow, didn’t expect that from MacDonald. Really. $12 for 6, still reasonably priced because Pink Icing Room’s ones taste more disgusting and according to my memory, they cost more. 😛


MacCafe Macaroons

The rest are just happy selfies with my favourite people. Thank you guys so so much, I have no idea how my life would be like (but I am sure it would be much much worse) without you all.




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