My life is about being half a human and half a potato.

I am a potato who becomes a human when I drink coffee. Coffee does wonders. It makes me high. It eliminates depression and it also increased my productivity threefolds. However, coffee also makes me unstable and very easily distracted.

As fans who have followed me long enough know, I started blogging around 2011 when I was in Secondary 3? Okay, maybe nobody knows because I really don’t blog that much anymore and I have probably lost my old fans over all these years. My posts then were really really immature since I was complaining about everything in the world. Nonetheless those strange and whiny posts attracted a rather decent fan base which encouraged me to dabble into product reviews and sponsorships which grew increasingly until I totally lost interest in blogging when I went into Uni. Because, busy. Also, I had like half a million other things to do (like skate, read, study, kickbox…idk, just so many) and I kept pushing blogging back and back until I forgot about it.

This website is a revival of my old blog (live-and-dictate.blogspot.sg) which I had grievously abandoned after a costly error on my behalf resulted in me losing all my photos. Tragically, live-and-dictate.blogspot.sg wasn’t the first URL either. It was yourfashionsense.blogspot.com which really had a lot of views…until I stupidly changed the URL. Talk about being dumb? What was worse was that I lost heart in maintaining the blog after seeing page after page of “image errors”, I could no longer find the courage to keep writing. *dramatic tear drops*

Anyways, I thought that as I learn more things each day and have so many more beautiful new experiences, I am going to revive my blog and review more products, talk about more food and enjoy writing for both my readers and myself again!

To all my darlings who fastidiously checked my site again and again upon its most unfortunate decline into oblivion, today is a day for you to rejoice. To my competitors for sponsorships and fandom, I AM BACK. Woohoo!

Too all my sponsors, I will work hard to make your sponsorships worth, even if it means I have to blog about some of the products again.

What is life? It is about being part human and part potato – laze around a little then work hard a lot more.

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